So we have every QoL-Update except for2(3) now which is great... but

when will we receive the rest?

We’re talking(and this is in order of importance)

  1. Chaos Dungeon update where ALL mobs on the map spawn around you and come to you.
    → This is especially important for the second stage which sometimes really pisses me off when it’s the graveyard or the wide plains area where you literally have to run 10 seconds to the other side to get the last elite mob.

  2. Cube + Bossrush merge.
    → I know it’s also combined with a slight change/nerf of rewards but it’s no secret that running bossrushed and cubes is just a boring mindless hassle that you have to get done(or not, lookiong at you 70+ cube-ticket-people :eyes: )

  3. Knowledge-Tranfser change
    → Absolutely not important for me since i’m a roster-lvl and quest enjoyer but i know this is very important for many people.

Especially Chaos Dungeon and Cube/Bossrush changes would make the daily/week homework grind so much more… bearable(i wouldn’t neccessarily say “enjoyable” here as that’s vey subjective still lol).

Ebony cube is totally new in KR and - for me at least - very understandable that it’ll take a while until we get it.

BUT the Chaos Dungeon change just seems like it’s getting overseen at this point. There were so many patches and QoL-updates for us since KR got that change and i simply feel like it got forgotten about lol.

Sorry didn’t play this to get that long but i’d just like to shine a little light onto that topic again and maybe get an answer/ETA on what happened to chaos dungeon change

Have a nice day yall :smiley:


I didn’t even know that chaos dungeon change existed, that’d be nice ;o.

we literally have the chaos dungeon update since valtan… Only certain maps never got reworked which is the case even in kr. Kr only have smaller maps as they have elgaciachaos dungeon which were build with this change in mind.

It’s funny to me that TO THIS DAY there are still people out there not realising this because they think about the maps which didnt get fixed. Meanwhile as example the feiton map which is huge as well and you only fight at the top corner which you had to fight the whole area before.

The rest will most likely come with brelshaza hm. which i hope, fk running br AND cubes.

wouldnt call boss rush/cube merge a QoL specially since if you didnt like cube now you are forced to do it :slight_smile:

I doubt anyone likes boss rush either; people just like its rewards. From what I saw new cube is about 4 rooms, 5min and you are done. So there aren’t as many of those annoying transitions between rooms. You also get decent rewards for doing it.

Didn’t KR literally just received that QoL change in like that last 60 days? The knowledge transfer change was also recently received.

We received the Chaos Dungeon last year.

Just take chaos line mobs and use them for chaos dungeons. It’s not rocket science but SG refuses to do so. It’s literally in the game but yet they want 2 separate systems for mobs. Shorten the time it takes for them to spawn and you have so much faster and easier chaos dungeons.

KT and BR/Cube is very very recent in KR. We’ll most likely get them with Aero patch this summer.

Chaos dungeon one is already in the game. It’s only specific map tiles, and once we get to Elgacia chaos dungeons, we wont have any of the older tiles.

Also, i do hope AGS warns players before pushing the cube change like they did with Tripod update.

That change makes you lose so much value from your existing BRs, players need to be aware to run all their BRs if they want to max the value out of them, and knowing 1 day prior is too late.

this is implemented since months

we just dont have the new chaos dungeon maps , from KR , which are coming with elgacia

we got this updated version already
we just dont have the right maps

it got stated several times from KR streamers , that we have them

Hello Froggy_Nakasuko,

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