So we made a bus discord for EUC

Hi, saw some mentions that a discord server for busing/carrying might be nice to mitigate scamming thru this ingame service so we made one! yey!

People who scam or RMT will be banned from the server

Inv Link: EUC Bus Station

Keep in mind the discord server might be functional but certainly not the best it could be and scrambled together in a few couple of days, we are still working on improving it with ideas and hopes we have ourselves aswell as player feedback once we get them ^^

the more players we get the more useful the server will be for buyers and sellers alike.


Don’t think you should post this on the official forums, since its against code of conduct and they might ban you for it.

2. Play to enjoy the game

Do: value other players for their in-game contributions and activities, and respect their style of play. While we encourage competitive play where appropriate (e.g., player versus player modes), keep it friendly and respectful.

Do not: engage in behaviors that reduce or disrupt the enjoyment of the game for others. This includes spamming chat, griefing, throwing matches, boosting, win-trading, trolling, or spoiling the game by sharing unreleased or confidential materials.

busing/boosting isnt against TOS, only if u RMT the runs but if u sell for gold and gold alone it isnt

RMT is against our discord server rules and doing it will get u banned from it ^^

the things u read there are for PVP my bus/boosting is refered to pve content such as argos and valtan


Hey its your risk idc, just wanted to give you the headsup.

Appreciate the concern and well im not sure if its allowed to advertise on the forums more like :stuck_out_tongue: and that might get the post taken down

But for bussing ingame its not a bannable offense as long as no RMT is involved its actually a big thing in lost ark and already been in contact with support several times to make sure that making a community around this is okey and it should be

People willing to risk accepting gold from random people? (which, if the gold was bought rmt, results in a ban :grinning: )

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Im pretty sure they fixed that because otherwise how do u dare to list things on the auction house? the gold that buys ur item might be rmtd and then ull be banned?


Either way I wish people would stop carrying those that can’t into newer content so they end up in our groups. If people would just stop carrying people pugs would be 100x better

boosting refers to something much different from bussing, boosting is directly juicing up another players account in some way and usually refers to receiving irl payments.
for example a boosting service will offer to give a player X ilvl for X money, that’s boosting.

if you’re gunna make a post like this or discord just remove the boosting part and you’re fine as bussing is perfectly fine as it’s just helping a player out and having them pay you back a bit for it with just ingame items/gold.

will do i just wrote boosting since it feels like most people dont know what bussing means :smiley:

if that’s your concern can include the word “carry” in the title in or something so it’d read like

“So we made a bus(carry) discord for EUC”.

i get some new players could be confused by wording there. in the actual post can have more detail to describe what a bus run is also.


i hope you get banned, you cant carry without other people


Lol when someone try to make power lvling legit.

Dunno, Roxx herself wrote in 1 thread where the guy was banned for that, saying to never accept gold from people you dont trust :grinning: AH bypass would probably be fine tho

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bussing/carrying is not against tos in any way
Cm’s have already cleared that
I’m sure the bus/carry drivers are already aware of the gold issue when accepting from people who may have rmt without their knowledge

this Is great Nahiri i hope other regions will make one too

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Ive heard theres a simular project going on on the NA side of things, would love to get in contact with them to maybe make the servers run the same and help eachother out and get ideas from them

if i can find them

that would be awesome, maybe they’ll see this post and chip in

maybe :smiley:

Just to get this straight, you want people’s hard earned gold because you are a bit higher ilvl that them and offfer bus/carry (whatever that means) and you advertise it on the forums ?