So we're just going to miss out completely on Legendary Skins?

Are we not used to getting no responses yet? Expect radio silence from AGS unless a few pheons slip through the cracks.

Indeed. AGS has been quiet on this subject since it first came up except to say that there is literally nothing happening on their end in relation to it. Just forget about legendary skins because as is the norm for AGS(across games, not just LA), they will ignore community issues until you shut up about it(and continue to do so).

My advice would be to just enjoy the game as it is or not at all because you won’t get what you expect from them.

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why did i leave Lostark Ru? i was happy and didn’t know :sob:

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Im not playing this until we get the skins that are held captive in yoz’s jar and skin crafting for no good reason, sick and tired of logging in everyday and seeing every1 have almost identical looking charecters🤡

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