So what actually carries over to a second character after opening a founders pack?

Anything? Just wondering. I think this is the most restrictive founders pack i have ever purchased. Is there anything on a second character that will show people you were ever a founder?

Title, Mount, Pet, the Gold / Plat Founders Skin (Technically the Plat one too, but its class locked to the class your character is that obtained it).

Their the “things” that will show your a founder on other characters on the same server.

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Hmm, so the Northerner skin or whatever it’s called is not class-bound? Wouldn’t mind transferring that one from my Bard main to my Berserker alt.

It only becomes class bound once you open the initial chest that contains the skin. If you’ve already opened it on a class and are wearing it, it is class specific.

So like the Gold chest contains numerous items, one of which is a chest containing the Lawmaker skin. That chest can be moved between alts on a server via the shared account storage section and is not yet class specific.

Once that is opened, it becomes two chests containing skins specific to the class you opened it on, one with the weapon and one with the armor, that now provides the option of one of the three colors.

Same with the Platinum skin chest, just without the option to choose a color.