So what should you hone the weapon to? 20+?

Its true, after bel, the honing will be “reset” and you will get more % for honing. No need honing more than 20, but if you want… go to do this.

The expectation in kr is 21 for dps. 20 for support. 21 is still not too bad for a dps since you will be stuck at 21 for a while.

You stop at 21 going pass is is ‘‘Stupid af’’ in korean terms

I highly disagree

IF you wanna do ALL 6 Brel Gates Week 1 you should opt for MIN +21 with a +23 weapon

You aren’t exactly meant to do 5-6 the first week you’re just wasting materials for no reason on fomo lol hence ‘‘STUPID AF’’

21+ Look it the absurd mats like alright if you wanna do that go ahead

i still disagree with you. And i dont get why you call people stupid that wanna ejoy the whole content the first week

+21 is relatively cheap and has the same chance as +20. Anything past that means you’re either very rich or very stupid with your money.

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there is a logic in honing past 1490 but its not something everyone needs to do.

the reason you would do it is so that you can do all of brelshaza’s raid week one.

among other ways you could lets say hone 3 pieces to +21 then when the new raid comes out you craft 2-3 pieces (or how ever many you can with the first 2 gates) then hone them up a little bit so you unlock gates 3-4 and you then repeat that and hone up again so your 1520 average ilvl so you can do gates 5-6.

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Wouldn’t say so. I’m at +22 already and going to +23 as a f2p player. Not even lucky, got +22 at 83% artisan. The point is, you have tons of bound leapstones anyway, about 4 months until Brelshaza, so why not gamble a bit?

full sell for the future maybe ?