So what's the deal with the MVP screen?

The MVP at least is pretty self-explanatory, but what about everyone else? From what I can tell it just shows the rest of the party in a (random?) order to the left with words like “fighter” or “annihilator” under their name with no explanation.

Does it mean anything, or is it just randomly shuffling the rest of the party and using a random word generator to give them a cool title so they don’t feel left out?

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Mario Party feelings.


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Hi folks, I recorded some MVP percentages and this is what I’ve found for Damage and Defeated Foes. This might be useful if you want to know what your non-MVP performance was.

The ranges for 4 man content appears to be <29%, 30-39%, and >40%. The lowest percentage I’ve seen given a title was 16% so the cutoff might be around 10% to earn a title.

4-Man content

Title Tier 3 (>29%) Tier 2 (30-39%) Tier 1 (>40%)
Damage Dealt Fighter Upright Fighter Cruel Fighter
Defeated Foe Slayer Cold Blooded Slayer Ruthless Slayer
Semi-Stagger Annihilator Cruel Annihilator Advancing Annihilator

Some of the rarer ones seem to have different percentage ranges. I don’t have a lot of entries for them so I’ll post the range for now as (X-Y%).

Title Tier 3 Tier 2 Tier 1
Party Recovery Healer (?%) Gentle Healer (22%) Noble Healer (24-96%)
Party Defense Guardian (15-16%) Moon’s Guardian (21-24%) Sun’s Guardian (28%)
Solo Defense Commander (15-18%) Reliable Commander (22%) Seraphic Commander (27-30%)
Battle Item Contribution Tactician (32-34%) Cool-headed Tactician (42-55%) ?

Nice info, thanks for sharing.

Does the order of the rest of the group on the left mean anything, or is that random?

That, I’m not sure, I’m assuming its from best to worse but honestly I have no idea.

unless you’re playing gunslinger/sorc/bers the best way to get mvp is to die 3 times as soon as possible so ur party member cant get ressurected, and after the nubcakes die do everything yourself while running back to the reswpan spot for pots reuse and smash ur face on the keyboard while flaming ur group cuz they dont know mechanics. There is a high chance you will get mvp. Thats how i do it…



“Semi-Stagger” is a translation error. It should be called “Stagger Dealt”. Thanks, Amazon.

The MVP screen is stupid. Was it really that hard to give it in numerical details.

First time Ive actually laughed at a post on these forums in quite a while, thank you! Sound advice btw.

Hey, saw this topic and figured I’d ask my question here, but sometimes when I do an abyssal dungeon or a guardian raid with more than 1 other person, I don’t appear on the MVP screen, not expecting myself to be MVP every time but I don’t even appear in the sidebar that normally shows everyone in the group. Tried searching everywhere for an answer as to why this happens, but can’t even find anyone asking about it, so wondering what is the deal with that? For example, I was with 2 friends last night for a guardian raid, one of those friends was fairly low due to his character being fairly fresh at 50, yet he appeared on the sidebar even though he was mainly running from the boss at low health for roughly 60% of the fight, while I was actively hitting the boss, yet I didn’t appear on the list at all.

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Mean u didnt run much unlike ur frend

A lot of people say it´s not all about damage. Stagger, battle items etc are boosting your MVP rating too.

Anyway, you can be totally happy if you have like 25-30% in a group of similar item level players, to reach 40% or so all others have to be really bad or have lower item level than you.

For now in most content the MVP screen is obsolote, since you are in a lot of teams with very different gear/item levels/progress thus you never know if you were good or if all others just bad or way worse gear.

If you are maxed out in T3 and go with other maxed out people, you can check MVP again^^

I’m not worried about being the MVP, i’m worried about not appearing on a 4 slot mvp list, in a group of 3 people lol


Yes I had a good chuckly at that reply, well done.

Not 100 percent sure but I thinks it’s a bug or you didn’t do enough damage stagger or healing to show up so sub 20% on any of those. But it’s most likely a bug.

You can fail to show up if your contribution doesn’t meet the bare minimum.

today i played Boss Rush with 3 randoms. Sorceress, Deathblade, Striker and Me (Soulfist). Me and the striker didn’t even appear on the mvp screen. I’m 1400 with the 3 recommended engravings for Robust Spirit, i play soulfist since release and i have to be honest… i don’t wanna play anymore after that because the difference of damage with other classes :confused:

a balancing patch was already announced, sorcs will get hit hard… cant wait for the drama.