So what's the plan for when entry tickets are lost to the current EAC error?

Since my last topic got closed for no apparent reason and there hasn’t been an answer about it yet, could you guys at least clarify if those automated restores should actually work when the drop happens because of the current EAC issues? I doubt I’m the only one who lost a legion raid entrance because of this and there doesn’t seem to be an answer anywhere here

also please advise on how to get a refund for the purchased crystal packs, since there is a clear technical issue that you’re unable to solve we should at least be able to get our money back.

Hello @zzzzz

I apologize about this unexpected situation and would like to help as much as possible here!
I understand that lost an entry can be frustrating. At this time we have a automated system that is in charge of return the tickets when a server error occurs.

I would definitely look for more information related to the EAC error and I can scalate the case of the refund to have an official statement about it.

Best wishes hero!

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Thanks a lot, please at least clarify the situation so people who are getting the EAC drops watch out for non fixed parties and such, at least we can avoid that playing with known people

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Hey @zzzzz

Regarding the issue with the EAC our system should take care of it. It can take up to 48 hours to receive a new entry otherwise the case was not caused by an internal error and the entry wont be reinbursed.

And about the secon topic of this post we are currently not providing any refund for in game purchases of crystals as mentioned here:

Best wishes hero
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