So.. When are naming restrictions being lifted?

I want to be able to use several capitalized letters in my name, or add spaces and numbers. You guys at AGS said it would be possible shortly after launch, free of charge. What’s the status on this now ?

Deafening silence, of course…

‘Shortly after launch’ in the scale of the time since KR was in beta would be how long?

Remember the whole ‘roadmap before launch’ thing? I’m starting to think that ‘launch’ is ‘When this version reaches parity with the KR/RU/JP (full) version.’ Because it neatly explains the timing with a simple misunderstanding.

English is a vague language, great for poets, politicians and comedians, a nightmare for translators, lawyers and communicators.

Translation issue is one thing. Understanding issue is another. You can read a sentence and say it out loud, but if you don’t understand it in the first place, you might as well be a parrot.

I highly doubt AGS just takes “shortly after” as a translation and go by it. My expectations aren’t high, nor medium, but it can’t go that low if they really stick with “shortly after” and don’t understand if it means couple months or years.

its so bad, that i tried renaming my ship today and could not get a single “pirate ship name” to work because it seems like it counts a “space” as a bad word or something oO

Naming an alt right now is harder than any abyssal tbh.