So when are we getting the changes players need?

The literal god has spoken on YouTube recently.

Players are getting screwed over in both ways because of lower honing chances and less material sources compared to the KR/RU version of the game. It’s like a great depression simulator.

On the other hand, you have a situation where the rich gets even richer. When you transfer +15 gear to legendary set in tier 3, it becomes +6 so the honing chances are much higher. Because of that, it’s easier to go from 1370 to 1385, than from 1355 to 1370. People who climb over the 1370 wall by swiping are able to generate a lot more resources from exclusive drops as well.

The solution to the problem is very clear but they aren’t communicating with us and addressing the issue in a timely manner. Give us better honing chances and the missing content (the bridge, heroic guardians, abyss trials, etc) that give out more material sources.

The longer the issue persists, the more it hurts the player base day by day.


Probably when smilegate decides on a new publisher.

More realistic answer: One to two months, probably? Who knows, could get surprised. But my hopes are low.


its rly annoying that the market is currently basicly controlled by whales because they buy the stuff and sell it cause nobody else can get to argos all the semi hardcore F2P miss every opportunity to make gold with it just like we did with the founder headstart its kinda annoying to see everyone who pays money into the game has an even easier time to make more ressources

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This confuses me too.

The core issue of this controversy is clear - the lack of the honing materials (horizontal content) in the current version.


Any communication to address that? Or is that in the new roadmap they said they had to go back and redo?

Are they only redoing it because of the outcry?

Did they not originally have the commonsense to realize their greed was creating an inferior product?


To make matters even worse, they changed the entry level for the guardian (Night Fox Yoho) and abyss dungeon hard mode from 1355 to 1370. Most korean players consider 1340 to 1370 a dead zone for content. With these changes, there are even less things to do. It’s like they are cutting off the only rope while players are hanging by the cliff.

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Honestly don’t expect much, we wont get a road map for months.

If they knew what was going on we would have one.

You have Smilegate. ->. Amazon games. —> players.

When thats in the middle, its broken. Amazon has failed communication over and over.

All we get is excuses and we are trying and we are sorry and on and on. Nothing ever comes from it.


This feedback is definitely being collected and shared with our partners, and there are active discussions happening about all of the feedback being received… I understand the desire for quicker action, but takes time to make sure we have a path forward that we are ready to share with players


Thats good to heard :clap:

u respond here but dont address the bans specifically sooyeung?


So, we aren’t getting a honing increase this week? if not, I will go honing crazy tomorrow lol.

Hey Roxx,

I appreciate you guys doing your best, I know this isn’t the best situation and lord knows I’ve lent my voice as well to the frustration lately.

I understand we don’t have a road map, and we can’t share details on things being discussed right now so I won’t ask.

I will ask one thing though, do you as a player of the game yourself think the majority of the community will be happy with what is at least being discussed?

Something something roadmap, something something SOON TM. YW have a nice day.

You’ve literally been saying you’ve been collecting feedback and sharing it for weeks, basically since launch. But whatever is happening to the feedback is not going anywhere because what we’ve been telling you hasn’t come to fruition.

We asked for skins, you gave us ONE.

That is all I can think of.


u guys don’t get it. Amazon and Smilegate get decisions together. Its not like Amazon goes and picks what they want to have the next patch and shit. Amazon has its flaws, sucks at communication and moderation for mmos but Smilegate has its fault aswell.

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I understand it takes time for these decisions, but please please please make an announcement on the news page saying you guys are working on it. Majority of the players, like my friends, dont really look at reddit or the forums and have no idea what is going on and are panicking.


Hey Roxx how about you guys give us just the slightest update about what you guys are doing??? Like so far you have done nothing but push every news further away. Roadmap? “nah man we cant make a roadmap with our billions of dollars” Smilegate had years of experience and as i can hear from pretty much every Korean then they are shocked about how you are doing the EXACT same mistakes again…
But you know that you are fucking up and thats why you are banning Koreans that are coming into this forum and supporting us…

This, public apology should have been FRIDAY

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With all due respect, but how did you all reach the conclusion that releasing an abyss raid with a high gear score requirement was the better route to take rather than releasing all the content that proceeded it in the KR version that better prepared players FOR said raid?

Do we want a quick resolution, to this matter, absolutely. More than that though, we also want reasonable decisions to be made to begin with. Releasing such a high end raid BEFORE releasing the other content that made obtaining mats easier to gear up for said raid is asinine.

Not to mention now players are stuck waiting for a resolution while you ‘collect feedback and data’ to pass on when really it should have been a pretty common understanding that releasing such high end content without the filler content was going to go poorly.


You dont have to do everything in one go. Add the honing changes so we have at least SOMETHING while you stay quiet on everything else. Its like you guys just dont fathom whats actually happening.