So when can we expect the news about the next delay?

just tell us pls

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In about 23 minutes.

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30 minutes after so said expected to be done

I need to feed my pet before they die of hunger and losing my parental right to them. I don’t want them to call pet support.

Mine are already Deadge. Big time Smoge.

I guess in about 6-7 minutes, usually they wait until 15 min before if its more than an additional hour.

If they expect them to be up within the next 90 min, probably not at all.

my guess is 10:29 PST

probably 10:37 PST

you have to consider that they have to translate this massive informations in all languages.
the planned end +30 min to 1 hour is the communication of the choice they take.

it is like meeting with a friend at 16:00 on a place 30 mins away from where you live.
you will realise that you will be late, if you are still at home at 16:00 :wink:


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they just said 2pm now

Now i have to buy a resurrection ticket for my pet because they died of hunger.

it’s gonna be 11pm in EU, i guess they expect EU player dont need to sleep :kekW: