So when do we get some good skins?

You just removed our first chance to some good skins and the shit we get with June update is just another trash set nobody wants.

So when do we get some good stuff?


Maybe never, by the good work AGS is doing this game won’t have any players when they release good skins. Just stop logging in every day if you wanna send a message.


“trash” is subjective.

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2025-2026 when there are ~500 people left still playing the game.


Never. It’s time to accept that. Yoz was your first chance at getting some decent skins but you threw that away. You may get anniversary skins next year. Perhaps the first set of Halloween skins too. Maybe Neria Fall if they’re feeling generous.

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There are some good skins in the game already. You just have to actually have good taste to be able to combine the cosmetic sets and appropriately color them to make them look good. There’ll never be a stock skin set that you’ll look good in because of how many copies of you there will be out there

Who knows, but probably not this year the way things look like.

i daresay that when the scouter(machinist) releases it will come with the season 2 skins also, which is where the fun begins, cross finger for september

Possibly next month will have some more desired ones with the summer swimwear.

I look at korea 2019 summer event there wasnt any summer skin for 2019 only 2020 onwards there is a summer skin, plus we are getting 2 skin set and both looks pretty bad imo, what are the chances AGS will implement 3 new skin set in 1 update i highly doubt they would release summer skin this year. im on high copium right now

I’m talking about next month. Not this month. Also there are summer 2019 skins.

In Korea these came out in July I believe.


gief plix

This is what we need

cool message youre sending lol.

Wdym? We are getting good skins every update.

Oh… wait. By “good skins” you mean “skins that you personally like”

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thats cap most people i see dont like the skins that are coming out

I like these skins more cause the male ones look way better

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The male ones are pretty nice there. I also like the female ones though. Esp the one on the far right.

I hope we get these with the maharaka event

but im not certain with the skin schedule we have