So when exactly will these long queues be resolved?

I know they got some servers past week’s maintenance, but are we going to have to wait for next week’s maintenance to get these issues resolved on servers like Una, which have a queue of almost 6k right now?


Near as I can tell, this is the new normal.


My guess is sometime on Monday…at the latest I hope!

These queues will run 24x7 unless a server crashes or maintenance downtime until they resolve this.

It will be resolved when you quit :smirk:

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UNA just DCs people then you’re right back in a Q. Meanwhile, bots are doing the conga line in Vern at the chaos entrance to the repair npc.

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I’ll just keep saying this.

AGS/SG has ZERO bot detection systems in place.

As is shown with the VPN ban that only prevented them from logging in for like a day. Once they found a workaround they just logged back in.

This shows that only bots being banned are the ones players are reporting.

In other words…you’re just gonna have to deal with it until they can rack their brains and figure out a better solution that actually works instead of ruining players experience for nothing.


If the queue issue persists over a long period of time Lost Ark then the player base will primarily consist of bots and elitists. A good chunk of the player base won’t tolerate queue numbers that look like the following image or longer. The issue should be fixed unless AGS and SmileGate want to see the player numbers tank.

Here is an image of what players won’t tolerate for long:

EDIT: I hope AGS isn’t trying to speed run killing MMOs.


It’s all on this actual garbage software called easy-anti cheat.

It actually lives up to it’s name because it’s beyond easy to bypass. Not only that it doesn’t do anything useful against bots, but it creates load time and performance issues for actual players.

I’ve never seen a worse attempt of an anti-cheat system.


They will be resolved when AGS deletes the accounts of anyone caught buying gold from bots. Instead AGS makes the game worse for people who follow the rules because they refuse to hand out any meaningful punishment to people who buy from the bots.


Than you never played a game that used PunkBuster, but I’m old so whatever.

Queues down after the shareholders see their simultaneous players on Steam I’m guessing. Or they find a way to increase server population.

Erase the account of anyone caught buying gold from them. Problem solved


FIY we had queues in EU for a month since free to play launch .

yeah wtf, way to ruin every game you associate with

Battleye is also hot garbage. The amount of false positives and conflicts it three up combined with the absolute cluster fuck of bad optimisation that made up Ark Evolved, had me spending more time trying to load into the game than actually playing it (hyperbole, but you get the point).

That is horrible. I wasn’t aware of that issue but hopefully AGS actually fixes the issue in a way that doesn’t result in the player base tanking to a point they don’t need to invest in anything. The sad reality is I see the steamdb numbers dropping to an average of 50,000 players within 5 months if this issue isn’t resolved properly.

It took about 2 months to have the queue fixed in EU so I guess it will take much more less for NA.

They’ll just make new accounts, just like the bots.

They need to dump “Easy Anti-Cheat” Aka, easy to bypass and causes load times for no reason on high end systems and go with actual bot detection software.

Back to having queue on Mari now, although there surprisingly wasn’t one since last maintenance. I was in Vern last night on the way to South Vern and wow I have never seen so many bots in the game before. Necromancer Sigmund isn’t raising the dead, he’s raising a bot army to destroy Arkesia, it’s real.

It’ll be fixed when they fix the bot problem, make of that what you will…

Just waited through a 5k queue in NAW Akkan this morning, when the queue finally ended, the client bugged out and restarted me in another 5k queue. Alt+F4.

Welp…I’m about to have a lot of free time pretty soon.