So when exactly will these long queues be resolved?

it’s my first game with amazon, even got prime for it.
just feel so disappointed at amazon


This. I’ve been in queue for 45 minutes.

I am on Shandi, me nor my guildies are able to get into the game over the last 3 days. When is Amazon going to fix this issue? I have invested so much money in this game to play and look the way I like. Have they taken our money and run? Or are they just in it for the whales and the bots?

You guys in Na really have a bad time.
I’m on Wei in EU and i see the busy status but no queue yet.

I bet it’ll arrive soon, when you look at the rise of “players” day after day…

after enough players quit the game out of frustration. servers might clear up by then. or just more bots to replace the lost players

lol ban them. theyre rewarding them with 2 new raids to do. they know goddamn well if they banned the rmt’ers, theyd have to cancel all the content releases because they wouldnt have enough people in 1415+ to justify these releases

When people stop buying so much gold to the point that these Chinese botters stop seeing the need to do it in order to meet the cheater’s demand. Oh, and selling bot licenses to them, as well. Hopefully Amazon is only quiet right now because they want to catch as many players as they can for one massive deletion. Probably somewhere around the ballpark of 5 million accounts.

We can only hope they are quiet because of something…
Cause if not we are not ready to see the end of this.