So.. where do you trade the new pvp currency in?

Did they just add the currency but no way to use it? So we have to wait until the end of the month to get something?

Or did i miss the vendor?


is the mmr reset bug fixed, or is it a feature at this point? ( Its a joke but it hurts lol.)

  1. yes
    3.maybe :]

Splendid really.

Hold on to that currency, the Vendor will become available when PvP Season 1 kicks off later this month :slight_smile:


How about the bug? Is that a feature at this point?

Will it be present when the pvp season gets released, no matter how good mmr you have youll always get placed last after you relog in team elimination?

Double support on one team in team Deathmatch is ruining the game for me. Whenever i que as support I get a support partner also and we get slaughtered. Please, Please ask Devs to make 2 support on one team impossible.

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Eta? All my friends quit, it was the only reason they were playing.

Can we get an ETA? Sometime later this month could be tomorrow or in 14 days… Come on…

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But that was also a Thing in russia. I don’t see a Problem If there is a good DD too. Never Had a Problem really

The purple shield tokens? I’ve been selling those to the vendor for silver wtf… Or a different currency?

I seen a video or something where you can tell if the party is a premade by looking at entry order when starting a PvP match. I just can’t find it anymore. But it showed how to tell who was the lowest MMR and highest MMR in the groups. Anyone remember seeing this?

Later this month comes around and there still isn’t any update 10/10

Competitive Proving Grounds Season 1 - News | Lost Ark - Free to Play MMO Action RPG what are you talking about?

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Can you please make co-op battle mode permanent? Be great way to earn coins for people who dont love the arena format and prefer a bg style, thank you very much