So why no communication about Bots from AGS?

It’s been a long time since AGS have talked about bots, Steam numbers are continuously dropping and have reached 80k all time highest when we literally have new event going on. I still see many bots honing in Arthetine, Vern and Punika. I see more bots in Punika than it use to be before, i guess more than 50% of steam numbers are still bots which makes con player base of 40k across 5 regions and more vet players leaving each day and new players retention rate is too low after you have implemented all these stupid measures to fight bots. You guys have done everything to make our life misery, 20 item limit itself is so annoying and made selling tripods and stones a big NO. So are you guys gonna work toward making this game better by talking with SG to change the core systems for west or just let it die slowly because Gold River is empty from above.

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20 limit only affects no life try hards unless u listing every 1-50g item (which al so makes you pretty tryhard)

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I think moderator actually wrote something not long time ago (maybe 3-4weeks), it was something like:
“we do something, we can’t tell, if you know, bots will know and start the defence tactics”.
So if they do something we will not know until it happend

Do you have any new suggestions to combat the bots that hasn’t been brought up over the last year?

If you click on “Dev tracker” at the top of the forum it’ll take you to the most recent AGS posts, here’s a link to save you time:

You’ll see the last post they made was regarding bots (just 3 days ago, keep in mind they are out of the office over the weekend) and the restrictions we face and if you go down the list you’ll see other posts regarding bots.

They wont talk about bots here on open forums…

Roxx did said here in forums they wont discus what AGS did to preventing AGS ideas from being reverse engineer by the bot programmers…

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What server are you on?.. I maybe see one or two bots in Punika but my server hasn’t had a severe bot problem for a few months now.

I play on EUC and there is regularly a stack of bots next to the honing station

People are still waiting on an update on the disconnect issues, which are still happening to frequently.
Can’t expect a statement on an even bigger issue tbh.

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The 20 item limit used to hinder me alot when i played daily. Now i log in, get the daily login and leave. I do guardians every 2 or 3 days and that is about it.
I have no reason to do any of the raids and not even horizontal content.
Now i am playing more diablo immortal up to d4 release. Or POE.
And from a list of 50 friends and a guild of 75, the earliest login was like a week ago. Others gave 60+days of not loging in

I guess they just missed all those bots with the login track reward mounts, how convenient. I fixed your car. It still shakes when you drive over 20mph but I fixed it. I can’t tell you what I fixed though. I’m a great mechanic, right?

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i wouldnt care about it… Bot account will be banned anyway :laughing:
they will always keep making new accounts after got banned.
and so many bot Spying even asking in these forum trying to forced Roxx telling us what are the counter measures.

so being rhetoric idk…

You are playing a little video game. Calm down, its not that big of a deal.

Also, they have posted about bots, you just have to pay attention.

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no com because nothing is being done.

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and what is wrong with being tryhard? Game should not only be designed towards casuals only.

they literally talked about it last week. are u guys okey ?

yea cause game longevity isn’t catering towards tryhards and there are much more pressing issues for your average LA player than 20 AH limit

I always cheked on bots in punika where i do archeology, when theres tons of bots theres usually 5 to 8 chanells in my server now it’s back to 1ch so either they moved somewhere else or they did another ban wave, but holly the fact we are under 100k players and it’s gradually going down each day is quite bad as this game economy need a healthy population if you actually want to buy stuff… and trust me another 3 to 4 months of brel raid but just “hard mode” aint gona bring ppl back…

While we don’t talk about bots, we are very aware of the situation and continuiously roll out ban waves. We’re also closely monitoring which changes we’ve made and how they are effecting the bots vs the players. The reason why we haven’t spoken about it in detail is to also prevent those large scale bot companies from knowing what we are doing.


Concurent players.

I’ve been playing on EUC, ive never had any issues doing any content whatsoever. You guys need to calm down a bit.

SA is an issue IMO, i dont know hows the population there, but the pricing definitely hurts the games health on that region.

EUW will eventually merge to EUC so this should eventually get solved.

Also i have been seeing new and returning players all the time recently, instead of being focused on the steam numbers, see how things are in game.