So you can't do PVP naked....Apparently?

So I tried doing a PVP match without any gear on because the look with no gear looks better than the look with Ilvl 302 gear. I figured this would be fine since PVP is “normalized” and everyone is on equal playing fields… supposedly. Well if your naked, you can’t use any of your abilities for some reason. I am not sure about if you only have 1 item removed or not… but i went naked (well actually I had my headpiece on).

Makes me wonder just how “normalized” it is.

Please fix this.

You cant use your spells without your weapon equipped…

That… is silly.

Proving Grounds PVP is not normalized, however it is balanced in terms of using Book of Coordination and equally buffed HP

You can always save up Providence Stone and buy the skins from Exchange NPC in major cities, or buy Alar Skin from F4 Marketplace

I 100% had no idea you could get skins from that guy. Jeeze it takes alot though. I’ve been playing since day one and only have 80k ish providence stones.

Also, what do you mean it isn’t normalized? Equipment matters?

Gears, cards, skill runes, gems doesn’t take effect.

Only book of coordination, equalized buffed HP, and player skills (or bannable offense using Macros)

Providence Stone can be obtain from certain dailies, sudden quests, island quests, sailing coops, stronghold dispatch mission, etc.

How would u fight with no weapon on? It still uses your gear, just not its stats.

right… so its normalized. Everyone gets taken down to the same stats, the same health, and same skill points.

yeah, but why?

why does it need you to have a weapon attached? Its not like you can choose between different weapon types. Each class only has one weapon type.

Please look up

Normalized versus Balanced

Yea but you use a weapon, not going to punch someone to death as a gunslinger etc? It just equalizes the stats.