So zerk how do you feel ? Nerf is coming

Justice need to be done.

At last my gunlancer don’t need a potion.



That Gunlancer meme had me rolling haha. Well done.

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LMao nice one

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Meme game on point harmo. Nice one

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alot of people dont want to say this, but zerker got buffed lol

yeah they nerfed some of his dmg, but then they apperently gave us the ability to use the dmg boosting raid item.

they also improved our group synergy (making more people want us in group)

to the best that i know, we’ll be using the blue potions for a full heal (without cursed doll atleast). late game u take the purples regardless just so that you have 7+ charges per fight.


I’m playing Berserker Technique before I knew about it getting buffed on KR and now I’m about to get my main best class Destroyer with the buffs as well, things are looking pretty strong for me boys.

I use Elemental potions, so… this is not really a “nerf” for me…

I’d like to see sns do this