Social managers and moderators are people too

Well we’re talking about the people behind those that are not multi billion dollar entities.
Protect our bots, save @Roxx :joy:

Agree, and end of the day they are only the messengers anyway, they are not the ones who muffed up the patch anyway.

I appreciate the love and support, though I totally understand that frustrations and emotions are running high. Hell, it was a bummer for our team to have to share this news too – we’re just as excited for this launch and want things to go well. It’s not the morning we all wanted for sure, but we’ll get through it and Lost Ark will be here!!


Thank you @Roxx and everyone for all your hard work.

TBF, Blizzards community managers etc. havent ever been as informative in situations like this, first of all they normally just give message about delay of maintenance 15 mins late and extend it 2 hours automatically, 2 hours and 15 minutes passes and same happens, no info midst :smiley:

I find this hilarious

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@Roxx you are working very long hours and very stressful days, we appreciate all that you’re doing even if the answers are not from a technical stand point what is ideal for everyone.

Same for @Seawolf @TrevzorFTW and those are the only mods I know sorry if I missed anyone.

Thank you for doing your best to keep us all up to date! Community managers never get enough credit

You are doing a great Job Roxx.
Even if people are offending you u stay professional.

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The release went great throughout the days. There were very few problems for the rush. That now the release is so delayed is unpleasant but I’m sure that they try their best to bring the server back on. Until then, thanks to all who provide us with information

I used to be an engineer @ amazon. I feel your pain. kudos to you for being on top of this as much as you are.

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Thanks for keeping the communication going.
I hope you will receive an ETA from the tech elves to calm the frenzy with soon =)

We appreciate the communication from the community team but it is not them we are criticizing. It is the management. Like we don’t even hear answers from management. Why they decided to have maintenance just before the launch? Only the management can answer that but they aren’t.

Take some of the most respected directors for example Gold River and Yoshi-P. The reason why we respect and love them is because they also directly interact with us. They explain their decisions and justifications. But from AGS Management I don’t ever remember seeing any post. Heck we don’t even know who is at the helm of Lost Ark team on AGS.

Thanks for keeping us updated! Happy to see that most things are answered quickly :slight_smile:

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So true … good to see that there is at least a small hand full of people understanding that …

I also work as a supporter at a small factoring bank and I also am “only” the 1st/2nd level Support so there are many things outside of what can possibly be done by me, still many people are like “da fuck ? you are IT do something, you get paid for it so do your fu… job” even though my job ist not fixing servers or whatever.

So I guess especially for people who don’t only have a few hundred people to support but several hundred thousands its probably much worse and much harsher comments then if you have coworkers you actually know and talk to sometimes compared to having only strangers complaining.

Yea, understand our frustration goes toward your employer, not you as a person. Keep up the good work and don’t take the abuse personally. I work in customer service and I deal with angry customers all the time, wish I had this kind of support in my job :slight_smile:

Its understandable that one region had to be chosen as base of operation, sadly was not Europe

I was not the morning but the hole day of play most people lost in Europe

All I wish that information would be shared are Founderpack buyers getting online before 11:59pm European servertime, (CET I belive)

Positive we have more updates on the situation, than when the “same” was in NW, so the communication are better

While I’m sure they won’t break easily, being myself into customer service business I know how it feels when a moderator or support staff can’t do much except making you wait.
It’s a job where people are pretty resilient.
For example when I asked the support on Amazon website if I can transfer the founder pack (before the announcement on this website), even when the answer was negative I can’t give a negative feedback for the advisor since there is just a chance to get a lower bonus if not bonus at all.
I always (almost) give a good feedback to advisors on phone or on back office.

Is it happening tonight? (for EU)