[SOFTLOCK] Quest: Basics of the Stronghold's Economy

Objective: Buy from the trade merchant at the port

  • Radiant Zagoras Crystals


When buying the other item, you don’t have enough currency to finish the quest and also no way of obtaining the needed currency.
The quest can not be abandoned and restarted.

You can get the required currency by sending your ship and crew on a mission.

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The successrate is basically 0%

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Apologies if I’m mistaken, but I was under the impression that Adaptation % was not a success/fail but was an increased chance to get higher tier rewards. So you should still be able to get the Seal if it is low.


You might be right, I will test this. Thank you.

I can confirm that you can press C+1 and navigate to Station, and Auto Formulate a Crew and complete another naval mission and be guaranteed 50 more Victory Seals to complete this quest!

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this is correct. your adaptation % just determines the quality and quantity of rewards you get. It does not determine your success rate.