Solar armor bug and artilerist scaling bug

Two big bugs

  1. the solar blessing set from Argos doesn’t always confer the solar blessing buff stack, seemingly at random instances it won’t add stacks of solar blessing, I don’t know if it’s overflow and it is added, or if it’s not but either way it needs to be looked at

  2. The artilerist specialization stacking no longer increases the fire power buff on the tooltip. Prior to the update, or prior to getting more than 400 of it, it properly stated it increased the damage of the firepower buff per level, correctly, however now it doesn’t.

I don’t even know if the specialization stat is correctly applying the damage buff to artilerist anymore, the solar blessing seemingly doesn’t apply to guardian raids sometimes, some grouped boss instances sometimes, and some chaos dungeons.

Dis you checked the requisite for the solar buff? It sayd it will be applies to you when there are other party member with an oath bonus within range or something.

That’s only for the total eclipse buff effects where you get the lunar buff in tandem with the solar for whichever one you don’t have

it isn’t working during the holiday winter raid, but it does work solo with no one near in punnika.