Soloque in TDM? Who thought that was a good ranked system?

I was excited to log on and try ranked today, only to find the climb out of bronze to be near impossible. How are you supposed to climb rank when your team mates don’t even have their book of coordination set up?

Carrying is near impossible in tdm, so why not allow 1v1 ranked? I understand the classes are balanced around 3v3 but the skill levels are so low currently in NA that climbing rank will be a huge grind.


We understand u bro! we wanna play together, like “raiders” are playing together, its great we finally get some pvp content for sure, however the excitement flatered out when we couldnt team up with friends, Im more than surprised that no one would think of this issue, if you are having 20% player base wanting to aim for grand master


Yeah this system is full retard, my first 2 games, had AFKs. Few games after it was 3 DPS versus teams with 1 support. This system to win and succeeding is another dice roll of the casino.


Carrying is very possible, made it to Silver in 11 games because I carried the majority of them. Of course you can’t carry 100% of the time, sometimes bad teammates just ruin it for you.

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The people you are ranking up against have the same problem as you so its an even playing field. if other people are ranking up and you are not, then its a l2p issue.


It’s all about the MMR the tiers don’t really matter.

It’s not a casino. People change every game you play, the only constant in every game is YOU.

Ya I made it to silver with 9 wins and 81% win rate, not sure what these people are complaining about when they say can’t carry

Haha same I went 9-2 and that got me into Silver

Was on 1490 and now 1250 again… it’s not a good system but I have fun… yeah I rather be in silver but instead I have to play with flaming toxic kiddies… But no other choice here

This was expected… who knows why this is the system. Me and a few friends played ranked tonight, all SOLO while on discord, getting matched with random people. Arguable they are better at pvp than me when we do normals yet the results are as follows.
My experience as a bard: pretty smooth, as a team with a bard vs a team without one will almost always win. Apart from when I get teamed with a paladin and its a 90% loss. Especially when that one dps is a trash player, and there is no chance the paladin & bard can do equal dps to 2 other dps characters. Why is there no thought to balance in pvp?
Their experience as dps: Getting matched with 2 random ppl doing 20k dps, or afks stuck in 800 mmr…

At this point the ranked pvp is a joke, and nothing to consider as a serious pvp game. Why advertise the game as a 3v3 when you can’t even team up with your friends? May aswell make it ranked 1v1 mode. “Queueing with friends would make a meta” they say, what a rediculous statement. You’d rather have 3 random people running in like apes seperate, complete pot luck on loading into the game whether u instant loss from having no support or two supports.


I’m sorry, but I think you need to re-check your homework. You literally just made his point for him.


How did I make a.point for him?

You have a possibility to have 2 bad players on your team but you also have possibilities to have 3 bad players on the enemy team.

You are the only constant meaning if ur good you will climb. If you’re bad you will fall down. The rng evens out.

Short term casino long term skill. Same as any team ranked game where u solo queue.

Casino wins billions just from 1% edge. If you have over 50% winrate you go up. The more winrate you have the faster you climb. You don’t need to win every game to get more MMR you just need to win more than you lose.

Ridiculous statement. What if the enemy team has 2 good players? Or 1 support?
Of course they will win. Complete joke of a matchmaking system for ranked. You can’t possibly carry your entire team when your vs 3 characters getting chain cc’d.


The point is not to win EVERY game but if you’re good you will win more than you will lose meaning you climb. If you’re bad you will lose more than you win meaning you go down.

It’s very fair.

The rage is on for sure, extremely toxic environment ppl are flaming their own team mates, even tho the main issue is pugging with zero gameplan and different gamestyles and unbalanced comps. At least last week we all giggled about the games and moved on with smiles and a gg. Never been a fan of solo queue and never will be, ppl are tunnel visioned on ratings. Hope we can play with friends soon on ratings. (That would be amazing) I wished for a better rated season start, as my expectations has been extremely high. Im a new player but i also feel like i have to carry my team alot of times :slight_smile:

Yeah this solo queue environment promotes an extremely toxic community. It will be like LoL all over again. Even winning feels bad, because the games are inherently imbalanced from the get go.

So play unranked?

I don’t see the issue here.

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This game was advertised as an excellent PvP game. And yet we are forced to play the casual normal mode to get a real 3v3? Thats so sad. So its not a competitive game, and there is 0 chance of any kind of esport forming like they tried in KR.


Not being able to queue with friends in 3v3 Team Elimination/Team Deathmatch is incredibly disappointing. You’re not allowing your player base to play the game how we want to play. The vision needs to be tweaked for western audiences who play games differently. Last Ark’s PVP will suffer greatly because you are not allowing the best matches to take place. Organized 3 on 3 is incredibly fun and not being able to do with friends is the biggest disappointment in the game.