Solution for bots

My solution to the bots problem is to insert a Captcha when logging in a char, at 15 min after and 2 in 2 hours during the game. I know it’s annoying, but this solves the bot problem, as it would make it very difficult to use.

There are bots that can actually solve Captcha, or at least there are systems with human-led influence to combat them. Generally speaking, either 2FA, or a randomised in-game event that requires in-situ response are the most successful methods.

I suspect AGS and SmileGate have / are already reviewing all remedies available.

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Imagine forgettign about this(99% will) and doing a raid. Suddenly Argos does the wipe mechanic and you see your self caught in captcha mode.

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Can be set to only happen outside of game modes with a specific time, for example right after leaving a raid, to avoid a wipe