Solution for new skins without disrupting the economy of the game

Hi guys so I wanted to make a quick post about having only a few selection of skins to choose from.

A solution I came up with, which would be really engaging imo. Would be:
Adding more random skin drops in the Chaos Dungeon, which cannot be buyed in the shop.
Lets say like 4 different sets of skins.
It would feel amazing to get a drop like this and makes chaos dungeon all the more worth it and more engaging. Besides that it won’t effect the economy because:
If smilegate adds a lot of skins to the shop it can have a huge impact which why they are scared doing so.

Maybe somebody else has a great idea or can point out any negative sides effects of this idea. But I think it would be really fun, maybe it can also be done in lets say for example islands.

The reason I think this will have a positive effect on the game is because everyone likes rare drops, and it makes you wanna log in more. Atleast for me thats the case when I played WoW for example. The more time people spend, the more likely they will spend money on the game.

Thanks for reading,

And have good luck and fun playing <3

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