Solution: Let someone in Ags play the game

Is there anyone in Ags actually playing the game in UW?

The game is on heavy queue since last Friday and no action has been made until now.


You mean SG

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Make them play NA West. And make them wait for 2+ hours in the queue.

Most of our staff does play on NA West, and were facing down the queues this weekend too. We are very aware of this issue, and teams are working to mitigate it where they can.


Well then. :+1:

Thank you for taking the effort to raise this issue to the team(: It was pretty bad this weekend.

Good news for us.

Is it? It means most of them play on one of the most rampant region with RMT and yet nothing significant has been done for months. It’s actually worse hearing they play regularly on NAW imo.


does the staff playing in game can kick/ban the bots? , them playing normal accounts is kinda useless they are just there for playing the game

if they can kick/ban why are they not in starting zone catching them

They’re community managers. It’s not their job to ban people/bots.

Come on.

they cant, they play on their own accounts.

I wasn’t going to post here, but since people aren’t letting the thread fade down.

I’m sure you’ve experienced what newer players get as their first introduction to Lost Ark. And I’m sure you’ve also noticed the sudden influx of first time posters in the forums. Mainly just in Shadowfox’s server status thread and mainly just on NA West most likely.

Being aware of the issue is the first step… It’s when and how you mitigate the issue that matters the most… the longer it takes the worse it will becomes.

Nice, i want to do a legion raid with some AGS staff :smiley: