Solution to botting - Easy but will AGS do it?

Hire about 6 people - pay them minimum wage - have 3 dedicated 1 to each of the most popular servers - the other 3 float to different servers and assist on the major ones periodically.

All they have to do is go to one of the starter zones and catch the stream of “ASKDFDJKFJD” players running by and instant ban each one of them. They can munch on cheetos and solve the bot problem in 1 day.

The problem is it costs money to pay some people.


I’d volunteer my time. I was a remote GM in a mmo over a decade ago and I know the impact a single person can have over the course of a few hours a day. I don’t understand why AGS or Smilegate won’t entertain this option.


Obviously doesn’t fix the issue entirely but I think this is the best route to go still.

The automated detection systems that are currently in game have failed. Everybody can see it.

Atleast a move like this makes it look like they’re actually trying to fix the issue rather than limiting server capacity to a point where real players are getting 5000+ queues at 5AM on a Tuesday morning.

The most recent change actually made it worse for real players and better for bots. Bots aren’t logging out and sitting in those queues but real players are stuck waiting hours for bots to log off so they can play.


albion online does it like this they give you premium/crysta aura and a “mod” status in chat so that you can mute spam bots and flag accounts for “premium report” you cant ban ppl or have special rights but silence bots and do “vip reports” which they prime check havent seen 1 bot in my time online ( ok its an all pvp game where you lose all your equip if u die :D)


AGS doesnt handle botting, Smilegate does.
All AGS does is use software provided by Smilegate to detect and ban botted accounts.

No one wants to do minimum wage of basic data entry.
And no one wants to hire 6 people to do it.
It’s just not happening.

It has already been shown in previous games a GM does not stop botting at all.


I think at this day and age, Amazon is more than capable than just hiring some guy to manually ban bots. Since it’s their “own” game, they could actually hook onto the process and run some algorithms to identify bots. In fact, there’s so much training data (the insane number of bots) that the AI could be more accurate over time.


It’s not their own game though.
They literally dont even have a development team for Lost Ark.

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Pay minimum wage and expect to resolve all the issues in the game. Capitalism brainwashing hard at work here.

Imagine getting paid 7.15 usd to try to tackle bot detection MANUALLY. Do you expect each of those works to take out 60 bots per hour, 1 a minute without making any error for 8 hours a day? Do you think this will make any impact?

Imagine thinking human workforces can beat computer softwares in grindy work Kekw.


I think getting hung up on whether its AGS or Amazon, is really irrelevant. Someone needs to hire a few people to manually ban, it isn’t hard to detect. Everyday I see streams of players with ridiculous names streaming in low level zones.


That’s the reason I put the word “own” in a double quotation marks. They are working with SG right? and since they are collaborating on it, I bet running an in-house (amazon built) machine learning program to detect and ban bots isn’t illegal for themselves.

It doesnt solve botting though. Manually ban, mass banning, whatever banning doesnt solve the issue at hand. They just make new accounts and continue on.

This is very risky developing such learning programs because innocent players could be caught in the mix. Not every bot is speedhacking their way to victory.

No one wanting to do something, and that person being willing to do something are two different things… Nobody wants to do minimum wage work, lots of people do it.

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Simple criteria of what to look for solves this.

  1. Streaming lines of poeple
  2. Names that are incoherent - EX: “asdkfjdfkj” which is what i see 99% of the time
  3. duplicate classes in lines
  4. low level zones being a main starting place
  5. they can reach out and attempt to interact or move the characters to see if activity is automated also

The people coming in here dismissing this entirely with silly excuses are troubling to say the least. Its almost as if you dont care or just want to argue for the sake of arguing, both of which are concerning.


they already posted a calculation here somewhere t hat they cant/wont hire ppl for manual bans since chat is area instanced and they would need i dont remember 600 or 900 ppl for 24/ coverage even on min wage that would cost amazon some big $

You have to take into account not just regions, but the amount of channels they would individually have to sift through. Its just not a reaslistic solution man between how many regions we have and channels servers can accomodate.

If they had dedicated staff to ban, they would see a dramatic decrease in their gold generation and the business wouldn’t be profitable and would fold.

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It’s either they use a bot to catch a bot or they need to implement some very intrusive account creation procedure like KR where they require a national identification.

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Yes, because lets compare that to other games that have tried doing this and have failed. Your solution isnt a solution, its a band-aid and a temporary stopgap to gold generation. They will continue botting as they will still continue profitting.

Saw someone the other day with the name ‘Akcccccccccccccccc’ or something
sounds like a bot? Well he was a real player

Also bots can just use dictionary wordjumbling services and your plan fails

If I can sift through 7 channels to farm relics and adventure tome, what makes it impossible for someone with GM powers to do so? This isn’t a logical response tbh.

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