Solution to botting - Easy but will AGS do it?

Silly expecting GMs to catch countless bots individually… a better solution would be to have a tool for them to catch them all en masse, such as broadcasting a human check in a given zone in all channels at random akin to an audit.

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I personally wouldnt care providing my ID to play the game.
People need more personal accountability for their actions anyways and shouldnt just be allowed to make a new account after violating ToS.

You ignored other things they can do, testing movement, trying to get a response. You don’t want a solution, you want to argue.

If a human can nuke 60 bots an hour. They will take out 480 per day. A team of 6 will take out 2880 per day. In a year they will remove 576,000 bots, which mind you is overtime during a full year.

Smilegate took a script and tackled the bots in a macroscale and took out 1million bots+ in a large patch one month(and a few days after the game launched.

This is equivalent to having 20 teams of 6 humans manually removing bots.

120 minimum wage employees grinding hard at sweatshop pace(your solution) vs their current one. I wonder which is the reasonable choice atm.

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They’ve mentioned before that the game itself doesn’t have the proper tools to implement this and I believe they mentioned somewhere here that those are in development

If AGS/SG are able to detect and ban those bots which crosses boundaries that shouldn’t be possible by normal players (e.g. running through walls or structures), it will already greatly impact the bot population. They do not have to eliminate 100% of the bots but just enough to make it not profitable for them.

Your ‘solution’ is just bad

Testing movement? Trying to get a response? There is dozens of bots on every channel in every area on every server
how do ‘about 6’ people’ test them all?

If any player has lag issue and or hits a bug will they be autoperma-banned? What do you think is the rate of false positives and how big of a customer support team will they need?

they wont. happy queuing everybody.

Which I am sure they continually are working to do so.
It’s a new problem to KR, because they dont really have botting issues. (They have some bots, but not on our scale of course)
Finding permanent solutions to this problem will take time to mesh out.
And unfortunately it might harm the players game experience in the process too.

huh 1 million bots gone? did you see this with your eyes or are you going by what they said. because to me for the passed 2 months its been bot filled. and its just been over the top with the event. and ive actually been actively looking for them…

just a couple of the ones i seen. got a whole 50+ screenshots worth

Part of the reason hackers and bots are overrunning online gaming atm is because of your attitude and the companies all to willing to listen to people like you instead of spend money on actual human beings to solve the problem.

Back in the day, with dedicated servers and admins - people couldn’t hack fps games into the ground, human beings would ban them. Now they run rampant with no dedicated servers.

Same thing here with botting, back in the day when WOW had GM’s, player harassment/scamming/botting was all handled much better. Over time they layed them off, activision took over, and now you have people like yourself saying its impossible to fix with human beings.

I know better from personal experience.

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Have you ever played any big MMORPGs before? It’s a persistent hidden fight away from the spotlight of devs vs bots with massive ban waves + instant new accounts by botters.

If they claimed they nukes a million bots do you need to see a list of a million names just for you to probably deny that they just randomly generated the list too?

weve got bots at fuking 1408 gs. they are doing fuk all

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Man you dont even have an argument anymore

“back in the day it was better”
“people like you ruin it for us”

How about you provide some actual useful solutions
If your solutions are easily shut-down with no counter-argument from your side then they were bad

Over half of those screenshots you linked arent bots, what are you even saying lmfao.

His attitude isn’t the issue. The issue is that lost ark is a popular game so much so that gold has real world $ value.

The people causing the bot issue are those PAYING for gold through their systems to get a better deal than the current exchange rates(royal crystals to gold).

IF you RWT, you are causing the issue, it’s very simple. I’m not naive enough to say oh just don’t pay for it and the issue is resolved as the issue is that gold in lost ark has real world value at this moment.

Oh I do, you just ignored it and hand picked phrases you want to respond to. Your a forum troll who loves to argue because someone didn’t hug you enough as a child.

60 an hour?

If I had in game GM powers to ban, I could easily do 100+ bans in 5 minutes without moving from a single spot.

Several people in these forums are saying “how will we know who’s a bot and real players might get banned if they have weird names”. Are people seriously not able to tell the difference between real players and bots?

The bots travel in packs most of the time so it would actually be very easy to ban hundreds at a time just by camping their farm spots.

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It’s not hard if youre doing 0 horizontal content to get there.
Use your brain more.
Not everyone is buying accessories, they just use whatever they get.
Zerker has mainly crit stat, so bot just got lucky equipping random rings?
Give me a break.