Solution to Gold Sellers Spamming

Most players are already friends with each other from the 50 friend achievement. We should have a tab for Friend chat. I’ve seen MMORPGs back in the day have this system, not sure where it all went.

The lv30 restriction takes away from new players’ ability to seek immediate help in-game. The gold sellers are just given another automated hurdle to jump. Like trying to cover up the damage dealt as it continues to rise.

There should be a chat finder much like a group finder that can house hundreds of players at a time. Players would be given the option to report or vote out any bothersome people. Those who keep getting kicked out of rooms will receive a chat penalty.

Another note, how do we disable whisper? Gold sellers are doing that now.

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Those are only small patches. Waht needs to be done is to prevent the bots entering the game so they cant increase queues also. The should request a valid phone registration for each account or something like that. It is already implemented in Korea.

In Korea, in order to create an account and play you need to provide a citizen identification number, similar to the social security number in the US. That’s not gonna slide in the states

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