Solution to Heavy EU Queues. You Can Play Now!

Simple. If you are in Western Europe. Play on the US East servers.
There are 0 Queues even on their busy Servers.

Great if you just want to play while waiting for Amazon to sort out EU. You don’t have to make it your forever home.

Stop Queueing in EU and Play in US East.


I’m getting about 93ms Ping from the UK

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Not really a solution for people with more than 20 hours in.

If you have only 3-8 hours to play Its a great solution seen as a 25k+ queue is going to run you 6-7 hours to actually get in. Better to play an Alt than play queue simulator for the rest of the night lol

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LOL 20 hours… those are rookie numbers… you got to pump up those numbers…

but yeah… not a solution due to founders pack redeemed and hours put in already…

its no US players that need to find a work arround solution !!!
IT IS THE SERVICE PROVIDER’S obligation to solve it !