Solution to launches and server queues

Hi all.

Here i provide a solution to languages, server queues, going onto servers with no friends etc.

Maybe a stupid idea?i duno.

Before launch.

Allow people to create characters prior. Enforce a universal friends list prior.
Allow people to select and lock in servers, with friends prior.
Allow players to select preferred language prior.

Then adjust and notify players according to selections, prior.

Yea, they’ll be people that randomly join, but, prior selection will give the data required, vs the servers you intend.

Does this make sense? Or am i crazy?

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It does make sense to a degree, and this could potentially be a cool idea to explore – unfortunately none of this functionality currently exists in the game so it would have taken a lot of time to develop with Smilegate

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In understand and appreciate your reply.

I have had no issues myself, other than not being able to go on my friends server.

Im fine with that, is what it is.

Im not just talking ags games, im talking everything.i play both nw and la.

But im trying to think solutions as launch is a big thing. First impressions count.

This should be a thing for all games with so many players

“* Fusion Material rewards from the Welcome Challenge have been increased to better support player progression.”

could you please let us know if people that have already completed these will get the difference in the mail or somthing? @Roxx

The way i see it, is if you can minimise the fires you are trying to put out, energy is spent better elsewhere.

So add solutions to problems before they happen.

Data is a magical thing.

It wouldn’t be bad, but I think is too late to do something like this

Also curious about this as im sure many people have been completing these on their main char as they have progressed. Will we see the difference or are we just SoL for having completed them prior to the change?

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