Solution to support union

they wanna charge $ for doing a raid that they have to clear as well?

Easy, we will just raise all support accessories, engravings, and items 10 times to combat the gold we have to pay them.

Dont want stupid prizes? dont play stupid games.

Jokes on you we’re all geared already all 12 of us.


wow you sure got them good.
You should be the ideas man for AGS.

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Seriously wtf is happening those days ? :laughing:

I’m not well inform but it seems there is an ongoing “war” between dps and support.

Are you guys really serious about twisted methods to try to screwed each others ?

apparently there are 12 dumb ppl that started it

better you just dont accept any support to argos deskaluda etc they can enjoy the time doing as 4 bards

Everyone 1460 or even 1415 and up is already geared to do everything through clown. All you’ll do by this is make it more difficult for new supports to enter the pool making supports charge even more money.

Good luck with this strategy. Escalation always works /s

hey Rox , I found 12 rmters for you to ban

:rofl: Ill just charge the whales 10 times more to support

if you actually pay a support to join your group, please uninstall the game. I couldn’t imagine being that bad


Dps have suddenly realised that theyre easy road is coming to an end and now supports are essential to their progression (raids) and they dont want supports making money like they did for months by selling their services

It’s all so stupid lol, just make it so you cant bus people anymore. Then it doesnt matter, everybody makes the same gold. Otherwise I don’t really see how anybody can complain.

True. \m/

So you essentially want to PREVENT new supports from getting up to join your groups instead huh.

Ya just have fun buying the purple potions then since you would only make the support problem worse instead of better.

Theres plenty of supports out there that will join for free. Just say NO to the supports asking for money and your problem is solved. You arn’t forced to join those groups you know.

Support can go DPS spec and sell buses too. In KR there are bards and Pallys running buses everyday.

In a static and supports in static agreed its pure greed at this point from the union.


All i see is people flaming each others on all those topics.
For now i’m always the leader for raids and never get a single support who asked money.

I’m on EUC btw, maybe it’s different. But if someday one support join and ask money i’ll just say no and wait for another one.

The method given by the op will just screw normal supports too. This will only get worse.

They are way overgeared beyond the point a dps would need to do it. That is not realistic in the current state of a game. You are telling me that right now a dps paladin could go and do a argos or valtan bus? No shot.

I did deskaluda with 4 bards yesterday and it was insanely easy lmfao

becouse they make own groups…

Normal people dont buss or sell support just play the game when somebody in guild ask for help with velganos no problem if i saw some help in global chat no problem for free…
Make the game better only ********want gold for everythink

oh its only 12 idiots? that’s easy to filter out