[SOLVED] Feiton Power Pass Expiration Date, Correctly Displayed or Error?

As the supposed date (from the forums) of 6-30-2022 for the assumed expiration date of the Feiton Power Pass approaches, I’d like to get some confirmation before that date so I know if it is actually going to expire or not. I don’t want to lose it if it is going to expire, but if it is not going to expire, I’d rather save it for a character I actually want to play.

This is what my current power pass says is the expiration date:
Feition Power Pass Expiration Date

Which, if I can believe this, means that I can save it for the Arcana coming out next month some time. But, if some of the posts on the forums are correct, then I need to use it before it expires at the end of this month. Which, I admit, is sub-optimal because there aren’t any other classes that I want to play besides the nine I already have.

Normally, I would assume that the game is displaying the correct expiration date, which is “No Limit”. However, there are many other reports that conflict with this here on the forums.

Roxx, or any other CM/Dev etc, can you confirm that the game saying “No Limit” is correct? Or perhaps you could confirm that the game is suffering from (yet more) incorrectly displayed information?

Thank you for your time and attention to this matter

Hello @joshuaberkey,

Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us.

As you mentioned, the event will expire on June 30th, here’s the official post that mentions this information:

Hope this answer your question! :sunflower:

Thank you for your reply, and the information therein.

Do you think it would be appropriate to pass on to the team that the game incorrectly displaying information is perhaps something they should fix when they have a moment?

I for one, would appreciate the reduction of dissemination of incorrect information.

For clarity, I mean the power pass on the login screen should say “Expiration Date: 6-30-2022” if that is when it is going to expire.

Thank you for your prompt reply, I very much appreciate the time and attention you folks put forth here on the forums.

Have a great day :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for your feedback, I appreciate your concern, your feedback help us keep improving our game.

Have a great day! :mage:

When you say “the event will expire on June 30th” you never directly answer any of the op’s questions. Date of event and date of coupon expiring does not equal redeemed powerpass expiration date. Moreover, the information that could be assumed from your response was not correct because the powerpasses could still be used post 06/30th without any official response or a hot fix release note. Additionally, the vern powerpasses that could be earned in game did not expire after you redeemed from their coupon state (even though the coupons themselves did have an expiration date). It doesn’t make sense that these would or should function any differently, especially since in the release notes it does not mention that it would. “This is an event Powerpass that will expire on June 30.” is what it says in the release notes, which we have no way of knowing if they mean the coupon version of the powerpass or the redeemed and usable from character selection screen version of the powerpass expires on whichever date.

Going forward if a powerpass is going to expire, there should be better wording.

Examples: “This is an event Powerpass, meaning the coupon will expire (x). Once the coupon is redeemed, it will expire on the same day the event ends, which is (x).”


“This is an event Powerpass. The coupon and the ability to apply the Powerpass to a character will both expire on (x).”

Obviously, it is an oversight if you’re displaying incorrect information associated with the items in the game (and this information should be honored because it is false advertising otherwise and there was not pre-existing patch notes that would indicate it is wrong) but it is also an oversight to not offer a clear explanation in your patch/release notes.

@Roxx I know this is not on you but could you provide any elaboration on this. I’ve tried searching the dev tracker and I couldn’t find anything that directly answered the question. After 07/19, am I going to be able to apply my powerpass to a character or not?