(SOLVED - My Bad) (bug)Lullaby Island - Voice of the forest quest

Okay, so i just logged on today and the lullaby island quest to get the voices of the forest x3 was about to start so i went there as i only needed one more so i can finally finish the quest and get the song sheet.

I didn’t have the quest visible in the tracker at this moment, the event started i did it but missed out on the 3rd one (they really need to put a limit of how many can enter so we all get it first time, too many people all the time means WAY too many fails, its taking me forever) anyway when i checked the quest as it was close and i wasn’t totally sure if i got it or not, i realised i hadn’t got it and also the bloody thing has reset to 0/3, SOOO now i have to do the whole damn thing AGAIN, it took me a week as it was as i cant play every day.

As you may guess not a happy chappy right now, hopefully this gets looked into fast.

Did you throw away the item by chance? The quest count is the item you get from the reward chest after you done the co-op quest in Lullaby.

sounds like u trashed/threw the item away.

cause it doesnt reset on its own. cause remember item does take a inventory slot.

Haha yeah i realised this not long after i posted this on here, i thought the flute was just junk, i didn’t notice the name of it and there is a big lack of info on items in this game, also this wouldn’t happen if they went into the quest item bag and not into the normal bag.

Thanks for your reply anyway :slight_smile:

Yeah i did, i realised later lol, silly thing is there is a quest item bag so it is strange that they didnt go there, that would avoid this sort of mistake happening.

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile: