[SOLVED] Stucked in a quest, can't leave

I was doing a main quest and I have transformed but the game has crashed after. I have re-entered and I find myself transformed but in the initial area of the mission where the only possible way is to jump to continue with the mission (I cannot go back or do anything, just go forward, but of course, I have to jump for it). The thing is that I can’t jump or do any action because I’m transformed and it doesn’t let me transform to human either. I’ve tried to use the F2 songs, use TP’s, abandon the quest… and I can’t do anything.

Is there any solution or do I have to create another character and delete this one? It bothers me to have to do it because it is my main character and I have dedicated +60h to it.

Sry for my bad english

EDIT: this happened in Kadan

SOLUTION: I solved the problem going to Steam, right clicking Lost Ark → Properties → Local Files → Verify integrity… Then restarted Steam client and it worked.


Could you add on which server this happened on?

It might help support to know if there is an issue where server and your client get stuck and you can not get out of your transformation (or use any other skills to get out of that instance/mode to get back your normal skills and abilities).

I’m playing in Kadan (Central Europe) .
I’d add the name of the quest but I’m waiting the queue to join again :frowning:

Let now just hope that when you finally get into game that you wont get kicked out because of maintenance (banner on LA site about they are doing this for two servers on EU). 10 min maintenance and back it cue forever…would be “fun”. :scream:

Yeah it would :joy:.
Luckily it’s only in Thirain and Trixion servers :slight_smile:

Happy that your issue where resolved!

Have fun!

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ty :)) u2!!

thx for the fix.