[SOLVED] Sudden drop in max HP and getting less XP for a class

[SOLUTION]: found it. I exchanged the Stone of Birth with a Stone of Endurance. Thus Vitality -777 and there we have it :slight_smile:


  • suddenly I’m missing ~2k max HP - any ideas?
  • possible that some classes get less XP from quests?

I’ve just realized that ~2k max hp are suddenly missing.

My Gunslinger is lvl 37 I had ~4200 HP after the the standard “jump in XP” following the main storyline when I got the stronghold from like 2k to 4k on lvl 26 and ever since I had ~4k HP.

Today I logged in to find, that I’ve just 2600 HP.

Any idea what could’ve happend? I’ve used no Crystal Aura or anything else explaining such a hug buff/debuff.
What would be around normal to have as max HP as Gunslinger around lvl 35-40?

Additionally I’ve realized, that I often get less XP for the same quest. I’m playing together with my GF (she plays Shadowhunter), she is also not using any Aura special buffs and such things, but for some quests, she gets significantly more XP. It doesn’t happen for all of the quests, but for some she gets 2k or 3k more.

Do some classes get less XP than others? I’ve also tried a Shadowhunter a bit and it also felt like I could level up faster. And I don’t mean that I could kill mobs faster, I just mean the XP you get from quests.