[Solved] : Tripods on 1 skill not working properly

I have tried everything and just can’t get it to work.
Every other skill tripods are working and the level ups are applying properly.

And yes, I know about Alt + E. I only have 1 preset.

Wdym by not working properly? In the first pic all your tripods are at lvl 1, and it might be cause u were ar equalized content, while the rest of the pics shows your level tripods from other sources, and I figure that you have a higher level tripod of Refine Skill equiped in other piece cause I don’t see the thingy at pic 2 that shows it as a trackable tripod and that happens when u have that tripod with a higher level in other piece

Oh you gotta be kidding me…
Broken (red) gear blocks all the tripods.
I like to set up 3 tripods on 1 piece so I thought only that 1 skill was bugged…

Thanks for posting this and glad to hear this is solved.