Some changes we could use

  • More creativity with names ( using special characters or underscores )
  • More knowledge transfer slots ( limited to 9 but we can have more than 9 characters )
  • A knowledge transfer to take us to the start of Tier 2 ( 600ilvl ) or Feiton ( Knowledge transfer is the only way F2P can bypass the story currently )
  • Paid powerpass as more content comes out so those that don’t want to wait aren’t time gated
  • Poll of which class players want next if the class has been out long enough in other regions ( Scouter currently is a hot topic & players want more supports, Artist might bring more supports into the game )
  • With the amount of cosmetics in KR/RU we should get cosmetics more often other than during a big update, I feel most players want something new to wear
  • Not sure what AGS can change about this but pheons needs some type of adjustment
  • Honing System changes ( Tier 3 ) before the release of the next 2 classes
  • Being able to turn off item name drops in chaos dungeons and just show pictures

Also can we fix the Item cursor bug where a picture of an item in your inventory will get stuck on the cursor forcing you to relog / also breaks chat sometimes and doesn’t allow you to type.