Some Character Bound Items are so frustrating- reasons?

Why are items bound per characters, in particular the upgrade materials? Why is there no conversion rates or anything? I.E. a vendor who converted harmony shards into life shards at a .50% rate or something? Also why does guild membership not span all your alts too? Isn’t it normal in most games like this that the player is the person who joined the guild, not the specific character?

My first character has 80k harmony shards left over on it and I can’t do anything with them… All the non-tradable mats from t1 and t2 are useless for my alts and it is a constant frustrating reminder of how silly and progress gated this game is when I look at them… Why would this even be a thing? My alts are still my characters, why not let us share these items with them? harmony shards, life shards, guardian and destruction stone fragments, guardian and destruction stones, harmony and life leapstones, stars and moons breaths and caldar fusion materails… I’m not asking for them to be sellable, but can we at least promote some synchronicity between your roster? I don’t get the point of this tbh.

It artificially props up the market, creating a need to buy materials from either the market or store. Such a lame design choice that only benefits the devs’ pockets.

I assumed as much but, foolishly hoped others would feel frustrated by it too. /shrug