Some feedback on the game

Just want to say i love the game. Im pretty much ftp ive spent 40gbp on gold from the shop but still have it.

I am enjoying so much about the game. I would like some small changes.

  1. If the shards and bound mats you have once you go to the next level could be shared with your roster this would help so much.

I have 2 characters in different teirs with so much mats i cant use and my alts could make good use off. It seems silly to not let us do this.

  1. Id like to add more things to auction house at one time. I know we can add a few. But i do well selling items and i like making gold.

  2. Can or do una tasks change? Id like to have more options or some tasks that are randomised like the peyto taxi one the destinations could change and if further could be more rewarding.

  3. I can see why there is a cap on the una coin to stop bots farming gold but when i maz out my claim una coin like i did yesterday i dont feel like doing my una tasks today on alts because there boring and the same and i cant eve make more gold doing them as i got my max weekly una coin.

  4. More options for life skills to craft useful items. Id like to focus more on just a main and dont like using alts. I know its part of game and people including me do it for honing mats but id like more options in late game to just focus on my main with more life skill rewards.