Some feedback on the Scout!

Hi All,

I hope you’re doing well. I just want to take the time to give some feedback on the class that I decided will be my main one because I enjoy playing it.

So here it is:


Some may think that the scout is a deadbrain class. (Piano you’re way (spam your skill) but I would somehow disagree).

In human form, you’re squishy and you need to be smart and position yourself to let your drone do its job (get your gauge to fill up while avoiding taking unnecessary damage). It can be demanding sometimes due to the fact that the scout is a specialization class with low swiftness spec.

I feel that the animation of the drone is a bit slow and I would also increase his movement speed.

In mecha, I love that he has a low cooldown on his skill set and that he has fluidity in his movement, however, I find its damage lackbusting. I would like to feel a sense of power while in a transformation which is not really the case. I would even take damage cut in human form to increase his mecha form to get that sentiment of power.

I believe that the scout could benefit from a dmg % increase in a future path note ( I know a 4% dmg increase is coming but I’m not sure if that enough)


The class looks good. However, let’s be honest the scout like the Paladin and the Reaper have the worst glow in the entire game. I also find that the skin choices for the weapon are very ordinary and disappointing.

I would like to make a suggestion: The visual effect of the weapon needs to be completely redone and I would like to have an element effect like the destroyer ( I believe that the thunder element would be appropriated for the scout)

I hope that my opinion will still be taken into account because I would like that the weapon glow would be rethought and redone.

Thank you for reading me and had a nice day!