Some ideas how to improve game

  • remove 20 most useless engravings from a game, also expertise and domination stats. It’s impossible to find something useful. Its also impossible to buy relic jewelery on auction, there are only few there and heavy overpriced, I mean some 5/3 are like 2 for sell for whole region.

  • make at least Vykas drops class jewelery like Argos and Oreha hard.

  • adjust prices of materials in Mari’s shop. Should be 30% cheaper then auction, most of the stuff there is heavily overpriced. You are loosing big money on this. I doubt anyone buy anything there, with few exceptions like leapstones, which are there few only.

  • improve better ratio in shop for yellow to blue crystals to fight RMT sellers to make better deals for players.

Try to fight boters with better offers at least. Removing gold from players is not working at all, removing gold from 1415 players and other restrictions like rapport gold and other stuff is really not working.

whilst this is the most sensible recommendation post ive seen with no baby rage i would urge u to read into what these other stats and engravings actually do as they all have a place.

Domination is best used in PVP cases so on pvp islands and gvg as well as in pvp matches,
expertise increases ur max stagger so in content that needs hella stagger a GL can take it and do 80% or more of all stagger checks

explosive expert for instance is good on a support as it will increase the output damage of nades used in raids like hell modes or even hard modes later in the game (all though neiche it has its place)

the quote on quote trash engravings helps to regulate the prices of other engravings - it might seem weird but there is economic value in those shitter books. there would be no gold market if not for some of the shittier items these items allow u to once in a while make a bit of gold to subsidize content. once we get 3+ legions ull find things easier to obtain and items will drops
for example HM valt + HM Vyk + CLow = 4.5k*3 = 13.5k gold which is the value of most legendary books (for 1 or 2) and u can farm that weekly.

Maris shop will get cheaper or more expensive depending on how u look at it, the prices rarely drop but they item quantity will rise, i implore you to look on the KR website as they have an API that shows the current mari rotation as they only get 2-3 pages instead of out 10 (i cant remember the exact number in NA. in saying that mari shop is meant to be an AH scalper inhibiter, however RMT isnt helping that system for sure. yellow and blue crystals are set at value by the players so its up to the community to want to buy crystals at a higher price if they want RMT to die down, but all F2P players will wanna buy blue cheap so itll never work.

Whilst u bring good point most if not all your recommendations will kill the in game economy, and make RMT more valuable.