Some input into honing costs and farmable resources

Since it has been a topic that’s being brought up more often than not and I agreed to share my input in this subject with @Redrowen I’ve decided to create this post to put my thoughts at everyone’s disposal here in the forums. I will try to keep the post as short as possible, so lets dive into it.

First of all I would like to share a link because I will be referring to it since it makes things easier to share and I’m sure it will also help some people. It is not mine so all the credits to its creator.

Weekly Roster Gold Calculator: As its name implies it let’s you know the MINIMUM amount of gold that your account can generate given that you do the weekly content available for you. I say minimum because it only adds 1k gold per una token chest. it does not consider you getting bars. Any other gold source is a fixed reward.

Now that everything is set, lets begin talking about the materials the game offers to you for just playing. I kept track of my materials today. I will edit a better average once I have more data. Still it shouldn’t differ too much since I don’t plan to consider red / gold gates from Chaos Dungeons so I will still use what I have today in the topic.

I have 4 characters. Each one at different points and doing their respective chaos. Their daily material rewards were as follow:


In total I earned 689 Destruction Stones and 2239 Guardian Stones. This is obviously my case. In any other scenario you can just take the numbers at each stage and multiply if you have multiple characters at 1340 for example. I will repeat again that they are not averages, but it should be close enough. Take it as you see fit.

I sadly just saw that forgot to add the bound leapstones to the picture. I got 6 (1325), 7 (1340), 5 (1370) and 10 (1340) today. Average should be around 6-7 leaps / day. Average silver after both Chaos Dungeons should be between 100-120k

Lets say that my average is 660 DS and 2150 GS, 20 leaps and 440k silver (Only considering the case that you donate all non bound mats to your main or character that you are raising). This means that every week I would get around 4620 DS and 15.550 GS, 140 leaps and 3M silver just from doing Chaos Dungeons and Guardian Raids.

But there are also weekly material sources (not counting Abyss / Argos but counting event materials since they’ve been here for quite a while and are a considerable amount) that add to this pool of mats which are:

  • 300 DS and 900 GS per character from Pirate Coins exchange
  • 120 DS, 300 GS from lvl 3 guild shop (or 240 DS and 580 GS from lvl 4 guild shop)
  • 10 GHL or 24 HL from lvl 3 guild shop (honestly, only the great leaps are worth from here)
  • 200 DS, 600 GS and 75 HL from Event Guardians vendor
  • 750 DS, 2000 GS and 50 HL from Naruni Race vendor
  • 100k silver from each cube diamond chest (+72k if you pick the weekly).
  • 16HL and 18GHL (or 21GHL if exchanged) from Boss Rush +11 from weekly Una.

This all adds to 7250 DS, 22950 GS, 207 GHL (or 272 HL) and 4.2M silver every week for me.

Will use the GHL to calculate gold expenses since most issues come after 1370 from what I’ve seen. But you can do the maths yourself for pre 1370 if you want.

Onto gold now and upgrades. I make 13.1k gold every week at the bare minimum. Its probably a slightly higher amount due to getting always the lowest value possible but I will stick with it.

Upgrades cost as follow:

  • Weapon +7-9 / +10-12 / +13-15 prices are 672 / 830 / 986 DS respectively and 330 gold each attempt. Silver is around 100-130k to charge up and 35k silver each attempt on average.

  • Armor +7-9 / +10-12 / +13-15 prices are 404 / 498 / 592 GS respectively and 170 gold each attempt. Silver is around 75-80k to charge up and 24k silver each attempt on average.

With everything laid out, lets finally dive into weekly costs. I apologize for its length I couldn’t cut it shorter. For the sake of simplicity I will calculate it considering you always have enough leapstones to exhaust your materials.

Weapon can be upgraded from +7-9, 10 times, from +10-12, 8 times and from +13-15, 7 times. This should cost 3300 / 2640 / 2310 gold respectively and around 550-650k silver. Since one might me able to get upgrades in a few taps lets say that silver cost can go up to 1M, tho gold price would decrease slightly.

Armor can be upgraded from +7-9, 56 times, from +10-12, 46 times and from +13-15, 38 times. This should cost 9520 / 7820 / 6460 gold respectively and around 2.1-2.3M silver. Like with the weapon since you might get lucky upgrades price can increase, but it won’t be much more cause you have a lot of armor pieces, anyway lets say it can go up to 2.7M silver.

With everything I’ve spent this week AT MOST 12.8k gold and 3.7M silver. Tho it will probably be slightly lower since I’m calculating with the maximum gold and silver I could spend even if its not the most realistic scenario, just like my gold gain was slightly higher due to RNG.

In conclusion I would’ve ended with a 300g and 500k silver profit for other uses while also being able to use every single material available to me through the week. Without considering any potential AH sales. In a bit more realistic scenario I would need to buy some leapstones from the AH because they are the usual soft cap, that could be balanced out selling some mats in exchange for extra leaps or using the bonus gold from those AH sales you might have made in that week and still end in profits.

Also with less chars you would have less income, but also less materials to upgrade. Playing only one char is definitely the worst situation, playing two you might still end up with some loses, but after a third character you should be able to make steady profits. And 3 characters aren’t very time consuming at most should be 2h. I spend 2-3h a day playing nowadays with 4, depends on how many events there are that day, no more. I know its not a casual amount of hours, it’s also not a hardcore amount.

Anyway, if anyone have read up to this far I would like to thank you for taking the time to go through this long ass post. I really wanted to make it shorter but I couldn’t find a way, I apologize. And if you find any mistake please let me know just so I can correct whatever is wrong.

My intention with this wasn’t to say that problems do not exist, but to show that if you plan for it a bit most people should be able to progress without many problems since the game gives us enough resources to even keep up with the extra materials we are getting from the events. And that you definitely do not need to no-life the game unless you want to.

Please keep the topic civil. Have a nice day and good luck with your honing.

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6 gunlancers here, main 1385, 1 1340 and 4 at 1000, pushing the 1000 to t3, by the next reset they all are gonna be t3 and already got the mats to get them to 1340 at least… after that, ill push’em all to 1355 and then to 1370, even with the main helping in the task to collect the honor leaps from the guardians (while only keeping the great honors from the chaos), once the 5 alts can farm great honors at fox, ill push the main to the maximun in game possible as a rocket, all the mats x6 to 1