Some kind of progression system for entry into ranked?

thoughts on some kind of in game system to instill good 3v3 habits that needs to be done before players progress into ranked? maybe a trixion training teaching things like peels, target priority, push immunity timings on your class, baiting stands, zone control, and so on. so people have a baseline on strategy and a little understanding before going into ranked? I really enjoy pvp in this game, its balanced well and there is a lot of counter play, but its frustrating trying to play for team and watching your teammates just wait till you have people low to try pick people off, but as of right now that’s all battlefield score encourages

Considering your teammates are random some training for entering in arena would be welcomed as at the moment the cc system is so complex and yet there is no info about it in game. Most players don’t even know about Stagger being soft/heavy. So many noobs start their Arena PVP playing ranked, they destroy their rank and then they notice they can’t get out of bronze.

I’ve done pvp in every game that had it available to always try it.
Lost Ark PVP still needs a lot work in my opinion but as a player/competitor of competitive matches in games here’s a few tips of mine for PVP in Lost Ark.

  1. Read your skills.
    Know what your skills do and vice versa for your opponent. If you have multiple alts of different classes I’m sure you have seen your skills being used by your enemy. Knowing those skills will help you when you are trying to evade them or even conduct a counter attack. Start with a PVP BoC build from i.e. Maxroll, play a few normal team matches and see how it plays, do not force yourself to that build and make adjustments based on your play style. Personally I’ve adjusted certain skills/skill tripods to be more balanced to be able to play generally across all team comps.
  2. Patience
    Timing is key, some classes have better initiation, i.e. berzerker, generally long cooldowns on their skills but they pack a punch. Dodging and evading certain major skills before returning to fight is crucial for getting as much as your damage out in a cycle so you can evade your own long cooldowns.
    This also plays into skill shots, unless you are an FPS player with instalock with your hands and eyes you will probably miss a lot, not only is spacebar a movement ability with immunity it is everyone’s lord and savior, take your time to bait out their spacebar then go for the kill. Save your spacebar for crucial moments that requires you to get out with full immunity because spacebar has timing in it self, you have no immunity when you reach Point B of your spacebar so you can fly right into another CC while avoiding one.
  3. Positioning.
    I play on an ultra-wide, it allows my perspective for a larger view range of the arena so that additional little perk helps a lot when casting a skill against a player in their blind spot. It should be known by now in Lost Ark PVP to use the forced aspect ratio if you PVP for that additional benefit.
    DO NOT group up with your teammates. There will be a time when you can just 3v1 the last guy or 2v1 while your teammate is 1v1 because they have one dead. This will teach you quickly how to deal with opponents of different classes as people will usually pick the opponent that is weakest against their class so they can go for a quick kill or try to single out the weakest one so that they can allow the team to engage easier.
    Your positioning for when you cast or be casted on can allow your team to fight better as you can bait a CC away from yourself or your teammates or vice versa saving your team and serve as a counter attack.
    Group movement is critical as it is team effort in PVP, contrary to me stating not to group up, how your team moves as a whole is important for moments like the start of the match when people are trying to engage, overtime to deal with a tie breaker as no one will want to fight on low HP and higher HP players will greed for the match kill, and resetting after a wipe as respawn timer will affect players who spawned in with no teammates.
  4. Composure.
    Compose yourself, you losing your temper or dealing with a toxic teammate will make or break your game.
    Constant losing from bad teammates can be infuriating but it doesn’t mean you should give up.
    If you are losing your own fight, switch off and put some extra damage on your teammates fight, this will help you re-establish your team synergy as you will be showing that you need help or can help (using pings is helpful too in getting the message across).
  5. Assist your teammates.
    Combination with all the above, help your team, you won’t always have your 1v1’s and they won’t always be a full skill cycle to do damage, swapping around targets is crucial for seeing the whole battle.
    Good luck and hope you enjoy PVP!

peel for ya god damn teammates or lose the game, this is the basic fundamental I’d like everyone to understand before queueing ranked

they don’t know what that peel word means tho xD