Some love for Reaper Class?

‘‘Machinist’’ will be the one next. Should’ve been reaper in my opinion. We don’t need another gunner class don’t you think ? Even his gameplay almost the same with the shadowhunter. We need and actual assassin with unique playstyle. I dropped Lost Ark few months ago in hopes of Reaper’s arrival but i guess there’s no hope for me.


Keep your fingers crossed comrade. November will most likely be the time to shine for Reaper future mains like us. Can’t wait to drop my 1460 DB and mainswap Reaper day one.

People are saying that Summoner might be the next class to come in November but the likelihood of Reaper coming out is still very high for the following reasons:

  • 2 assassin subclasses against 4 for mage if Summoner comes out before
  • Summoner is being reworked atm in KR and might be treated by AGS as “new content”, thus delaying its release for 2023 even though it was initially a base class in the game.

Reaper soon :heart_eyes:

Its not going to be a 1460 DB by the time November rolls around…

I’m actually voluntarily parking my DB at 1460 until November to save for a maximum of mat and gold for an efficient day one mainswap for Reaper.

Hope the next in line will be an artist. Ayah Ayah

damn you guys are so persistent even tho Roxx said artist or specialist class wont come until all the other classes are released you still keep saying it like copium

Maybe they will surprise

only surprise could be summoner and reaper TOGETHER in november so they can release specialist class in january/march. But not artist before older classes, forget about it

You talk like you are the key to the game, you don’t know what will happen today with the game

no im just guessing what could LOGICALLY happen. Even if i said releasing both reaper and summoner together COULD be the only surprise, i dont think this will happen. Summoner is almost finished with the rework there is no sense to hold her back. Roxx confirmed specialist class comes after the other subclasses like scouter, reaper and summoner. Dont have to be a 5head to see this in a logical way.

PLZ let us HAVE next REAPER ! alot ppl asking for IT !

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don’t worry based on my educated guess REAPER is NEXT CLASS 100%.

class balance/visual notes have not been posted/released.

This means summoner will NOT be next class.

Yes they may still release balance/visual skill update AND summoner together BUT that’s HIGHLY unlikely IMO.

then you have the HOTTEST gaming month out of the year FALL.

Scouter for summer
Reaper for fall


99% confirmed