Some news about Server transfer?

Hello there =)

Just wanted to know if there is some news about some kind of server transfer ?

Like a lot of people i want to play with some friends but i can’t just loose my founder pack and other thing i’ve bought (like all the think that are server lock and we can only buy with money : like character slot, card slot, pet, mount etc… etc…)

So… Any news?

(sorry for my bad english, not my birth language ^^)

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I would love for this too…
When I started playing i just entered a server and since then i found out that a lot of my old gaming buddies are playing on a diff EU server and I can’t join their Guild and hang out.

Yeah we really need this…

Has never been in any region and will never be! TY bye bye

I mean if they want to make some “free” money they should start working on asap.

Activisionblizzard figure fast out after they implementet it that is was a “free” gold mine!.
…proberly myself spent couple of hundres euro on it, more than I’ve done in LA (no cool skins yet).

Same here, I ended up starting again on another server to play with a mate but I’m so far behind now.