Some serious compensation US west realms


It is now beyond a joke with these logon queues for the last week. People are taking 1.5 -2hrs to login which is actually longer then it takes to do your daily stuff.

For some of our oceanic people you like get home at 6-7pm have dinner and login for the reset at 8pm. Having to wait near two hours in a queue, by the time you get on its time to go to sleep. Same thing in the morning, you can’t quickly jump on before work and get stuff done.

For me even worse is I mainly play the games to play with friends and we actually can’t play together cause of the queue causing us not to actually be able to be on at the same time.

Its a given you will be providing some sort of compensation and obviously nothing that is useful to bots. Please don’t make it crystal auras as a lot of people have some much already that its not very useful.

Consider stuff like.
Una completion tokens, and +1 tokens to make up for so far literally most of a weeks dailies.
The rest stuff to make up for all the missed guardians + chaos.
Orange random decks (to actually say sorry) not the crappy decks that you never get a orange card from.
Other items that are useless to bots, (inv space tokens if they are a thing), pheons, roster inv spaces, costumes etc.