Some Settings reset after relaunching the game

I like to adjust my master volume to ~30%, turn off background music and change the HUD to 110%. When I do that, “Apply Changes” hit “OK” its fine for the session. Once I quit using the games quit option and reload, those three features/settings are reset to 80%, background music on and HUD at 100%. This is repeatable as I have been updating it since launch.

These Settings do not require a restart.

I have the same issue, and would love a fix or workaround.

Welcome to the community, avatarofhope2. I’m sorry to see you’re having this issue with your settings not saving.

I’ve moved this over to the support section so our technical support can help you with this problem.

Hello @bradford.duvall and welcome to @avatarofhope2 to our forums!

Thank you for bringing this into our attention!

I am sorry to hear that you are not being able to personalize your preferences permanently on Lost Ark. Can you please try to hit the button apply and when changes are applied select the option ok? This may resolve your issue.

Please let me know if it works!

See you in Arkesia!

I’m not sure if you mean to “select the option, ok?” or “select the OK option”, but either way, that didn’t work.

When I click Apply, It has yellow text that pops up that says “New Settings Applied”. It shows the same yellow text if I click OK, regardless of what order I press them. From there, the only thing I can do is either click Cancel or the X in the top right of the window. Either way, when I restart the game, the settings are reverted. I’ve even tried the Reset All and Reset buttons. they don’t persist after restarting the game.

I see, what I meant was to click first the button Apply and then click the button Ok. After that, you hit the x and restart the game.

Let’s try to verify integrity of the Steam Files before trying to change the settings again.

I’ll be waiting for your response!

See you later!

That also did not fix it. It found two files that failed integrity, but the audio settings still didn’t stay saved.