Some solutions to revive horizontal and other issues

You know arkesia fall unther the attack of the legion comanders and so they have influence all over arkesia as you saw in the story… every single continent has troubles due to it.

What happen IF for every group of islands related to each continent that has specific legion conander influence

Luterra - Valtan
Rohendel - brel

those islands allow players not only to earn mats according to their ilvl (while being normalized) but also if you are runing an island even under the influense of Brel (does not matter your ilvl) it has the chance of giving you a couple of horns… in such case you make pople from the whole player base to participate and also bring life to islands and help some with progression for new players and bring all the game map alive (maybe each island under Brel infliuence for example has a lesser demon that executes some brel mech that you have clear in order to get the chance for horns which will also train new players for future use)…

Also the continent dungeons could offer the same thing so a new player that QUE for these low dungeon would find ppl to run with as there would be reason for everyone else to run

higher ilvl players… would want to get 2-3 more relic masts a week from all those islands and dungeons, also if you could do a lot of the island you get in honig mats around the same an event has to offer in a week…

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