Some statistics, for you data-freaks

I actively play with 6 chars, doing all the daily chores and weekly raids.

That’s a lot of stuff…

More precisely, for the last 4 weeks I took detailed notes on where and how I spend my time on the different game activities.

And (not) for my surprise, on average, out of my “43.5” hours per week I spend playing Lost Ark, “15.7” is: waiting for Sups in a raid lobby.

That is the top #1 activity on my time-sheet… More than chaos dungeons, more than legion raids, more than Una Tasks… Waiting… Waiting is the top #1 activity of this game.

This is ridiculous.

If the constant DCs won’t kill the game, the lack of Sups will.


Get a part-time job you can do online. Put those 16 hours to work.


How much will it cost me to upgrade my GS to a Giga Whale Level?

Could we get this in a pie chart?

One very important thing to remember, you can shop while waiting for a support. From a business perspective this is technically a good thing that you are waiting around bored in game but unable to exit the game in this time.

In your example, that is 15.7 hours of weekly content they did not have to find a way to fill that still forces you to be online and potentially use the shop. Your data shows that the support shortage is good for business.

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Actively play 6 support characters then.


Hey! This doesnt solve the problem!

Playing as a Sup is even worse than wasting time waiting :rofl:

Edit: BTW, I’m not going to hell because one of my 5 alts is a Sup :pray: :latin_cross:


I’m just guessing here, not that great at statistics.

So unless you’re playing for 24 hours;

If you are playing an average of 43.5 hours per week, roughly your spending 6.22 hours per day playing the game (rounding around it up from 43.54). If 15.7 hours out of the 43.5 hours played per week are used waiting for a support character in lobbies, you’re roughly waiting around 3.87 hours per day.

So your total playtime actually playing the game per day is about 2.35 hours per day. If the wait time waiting for a support takes up that must time, wouldn’t it be better to maybe create your parties one week and test out if your average wait time decreases per week?

This is all just a guess so I may be completely wrong here.

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The only thing that will change the lack of supports is if they are fun. Its not artist being released its not them making more supports. But the main issue is how unfun it is. I play a paladin, i cant use my blue skills otherwise ill be out of mana the longer a fight goes on so I have to auto attack, I can only ever use my blue skills for movement, stagger or countering.

So essentially my job is to auto attack, use shield (almost always off CD), Use my light ability to debuff the boss every 5 seconds and make sure my dmg buff skills overlap for a total of 14 seconds DMG+.

I dont mind it but its boring like idrc about dmg but i want shit to press


I don’t think there is a shortage of support more than its players not playing them atm. I have 5 support pallys and up to the last patch or two, I was doing all the Vykas, Valtan, and clowns raids with all my support plugging them with 4 of them. The recent server issues along with botts just aren’t worth the work and effort you put in. Four to six disconnects in one valtan run turns a 30 min raid into an hour and 15mins, And to be reasonable DPS is a dime a dozen compare to support classes and that is in about every MMO out there. So of course they won’t be a support class for every group waiting. Once they fix the server issues I plan on starting back full force but until then I’m not wasting my time.

Yeah so a shortage lmfao.

Literally the rest of your comment has zero correlation with why there a lack of supports.

Let me break it down for you. I’m not playing any of my support due to the recent disconnect. I also know three more players not playing theirs due to disconnects. So i was just saying that maybe they are more like me and just refuse to play due to a crappy server. I just think that the shortage is not some much we don’t have enough support class just ones like me and just fed up with it.

I can’t do anything about it until April, sorry.

I’m not making a Bard or Paladin.

Sure but thats not the main issue with the shortage. Most people quitting over DCs are DPS players, the shortage is mainly because we dont have enough playing supports while there are a small % of supports quitting over DCs majority of them arent.

the bots will, now the standard even for alts is having 5x3, salvation cards at least awakaned to 18 because everyone is buying from bots. Is impossible to keep up without RMT, I am about to quit because of that

5x3 is literaly a week or 2 of gold if you know what your doing of course it’s the norm

I see how you lose sense of reality because of RMT. stop buying from bots so you can see reality pls

5x3 is only 50 k 70k gold at best why do you talk about rmt

Wtf how? Grudge is 16,700k, tai class engraving is 13k, just here is more than 450k, + accesories which you need at least 1 with class on 3 which are not cheaper than 50k - 70k.

Bro just stop buying from bots you dont have any idea of the market apparently

For classe engraving you take argos one at 1 k gold