Some suggestions from 300+ hour player

Hi there, I know that 300 hours is nothing for to those who have played the game before the NA/EU release but I started at that launch and have played a LOT since then. Here is a list of some issues and corresponding suggestions for the game.

Of course, it is very difficult to exactly balance the game but these suggestions are aimed to be a compromise for some mechanics.

  1. Adventure Island token/soul acquisition rate too low: Normally, this isn’t a problem but considering we can only do one of these per day and there are 14 of them (they rotate to choose 1 of 3 per day). My suggestion is to implement token/soul fragment system that you get instead if you don’t get the token/soul itself. You can then trade say 6 of these for the token/soul if you happen to be very unlucky.
    Similarly, add this fragment system for some of the other timed islands: Spida, Alakkir, Tooki, Lullaby, Illusion, and Unknown but with 20 fragments to earn it.

  2. Shangra Flower Dew acquisition rate too slow. While collecting the 5600 Shangra peaches can be done with persistence over a few weeks (10-20 visits), collecting 7000 flower dew for a Luminous Silverdew (quest item) is not aligned to the reward. Consider dropping this cost to around 1000-1500 dew. Most players will attain 5600 peaches around the time they reach 1000 dew and after that, dew farming is the only activity left for the island.
    Alternatively, consider allowing peaches to be converted to flower dew at a rate of 1:1 with no limit.

  3. PVP-based islands are not balanced properly. While player damage and health is scaled, the crowd-control effects and knockdown are too strong. Please consider applying the same arena PVP mechanics for the PVP island events. Furthermore, allow friends who team-up in a party prior to a team-based PVP event to play on the same team when the event starts (provided the number of players is equal on both sides)!

  4. Some random drops are too rare. For example, the Isle of Yearning Token/Soul requires a LOT of grinding since there are two layers of very rare drops needed. Another example are Crescent Isle rabbits (they are not common enough). As a suggestion, implement some pity system which increases the drop rate the longer you are on an island and resets when you get a drop. This has to be delicately balanced though as to not incentivize going AFK in an area for an increased drop rate.

  5. Collecting specific cards to upgrade is not really feasible (except for a few). Please consider having card packs, or even the cards themselves, tradable so that players can aim for completing a collection. I understand that this is a LONG term goal but there seems to be no way to chip away at that goal effectively.

  6. Parties get broken before many events. This is an issue for players playing with friends. For example, if you queue up as a party for Chaos Legion, team-based island events, etc. your party gets dissolved and you must rely on luck to be placed on the same team. I understand that the system needs to keep groups balanced, but there should be a better way to transition parties into larger events. Consider giving priority to parties of 2 or more when placing them in events (and use solo-players to fill gaps to balance teams).

  7. The auction system requires staying alert to bidding wars. Firstly, if you are outbid on an item, you get a quick message but not in the chat window so it can be easy to miss. Secondly, if the auction is to end at an inopportune time (e.g. 3AM), there is no way to auto-bid up to a maximum value. Consider revising the auction system to allow setting of maximum bids for auto-bids until either you are the highest bidder or the bid has gone over the maximum you set. As an aside, the “market value” system is rather useless for specifically-rolled items since there are so many attributes which often leads to there being nothing to compare to!

  8. Scaling penalties are too great if the recommended ilevel is not achieved. In particular, I encountered a huge problem with the ilevel 1340 Abyss Raid as an ilevel 1335 player. While I am allowed to enter such a raid in a party, my attacks are blocked 50% of the time and I take 50% increased damage compared to someone with +5 ilevels. This is absurd ilevel should not be a direct power mechanic but instead reflect your overall power. Theoretically, someone could have ilevel 1339 with better gear (and hence higher stats) than someone with ilevel 1340 and be penalized a disproportionate amount. Consider lowering the penalty to 20% at most or simply DO NOT ALLOW players under the recommended ilevel to enter.

This concludes my list for the moment and I am loving the game so far. Other issues I have with the game are very minor and can be mitigated somewhat with other mechanics or via trading. Thank you for creating a great game!

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Some suggestions from a 30+ hour player:

  1. Don’t waste 300 hours of your life on this game.

The high tempo of the launch phase can be misleading. Lost ark is actually a very slow-paced game when you settle down, with horizontal progression gates taking a very, very long time to surpass.

They are not bingeable by design. It’s the same with lowered honing rates at t3. It’s addictive only if you expect to get lucky, like true gamblers unrealistically would. However, when you realize with those chances given, most times you will fail, and those times they do work, the upgrade succeeded purely by rng, you could not help it even if you wanted to, and that is ok.

There is only so much you can progress in a day, and that is ok. Go do other productive things, come back tomorrow for more Lost Ark. This is the expected, and imo healthy attitude to approach the game.


This is a very valid point. However, the game in itself was launched with years worth of content. T1 and 2 were an end-game and we’re literally breezing past it. I remember farming on RU some bosses for a few days to get an upgrade and then moving on. They created this vacuum themselves. And the abuse lower level players are receiving because of content they rightfully feel entitled to go through while combatting insane inflation prices is a legit concern.

However, your final statement is so true. 100%.

The game will be here tomorrow.

True, but it’s my choice on what game to spend my time on. :smile:

I came from 5000+ hours of Diablo 3, so the high speed of the early game for sure misled me.

I see your point. While I don’t like the honing system, I can see how it’s for players in it for the long grind. I would have preferred honing to be 100% but with prices multiplied by 1/(chance) so a 40% chance to hone should instead be 100% but 2.5x as expensive. I don’t like luck to be the determining factor behind your success, especially in a pay-to-win environment. I understand now why some countries banned the game outright due to gambling concerns. As a consolation, there is a pity system with artisan energy though.

Again, I’m loving the game as is and these are my only gripes so far.

1500 dew for mount HAHAHAHAHaaaahaha.

It’s average 135 dew/run. That’s 6 days (of 2 Shangra/day nvm others that can get it in 3 days no life style) for one of the rarest mounts (or is it?) - then again it’s sellable on AH which is really sad.
(Also, 1 peach for 1 dew means ppl get 550 dew/run - so same thing - which also means infinite clouds on the market in a 3 weeks until everyone has it.)

The solution for that is more weekly items (like the 150 peaches for 7 engraving books). Also, why do you want Shangra to “last” longer after you get the mount and the soul?

Agree with most of the others though.
And about 8, it’s really strange that’s still a thing. Didn’t they change that for KR about 9 months ago? Why do we still have that (with weird hidden numbers fiddling with when your attack works or not)?

I don’t see what’s funny. It’s a horrendous grind with a competitive issue (if you sing to a flower after someone else starts first, you get nothing). Getting 135 dew/run is very optimistic. If we assume it’s 100 dew a run, then that’s 70 visits to Shangra for the cloud, which is about 35 hours of NOTHING BUT DEW FARMING. If there was something else to grind for in the meantime (e.g. monster drops, etc.) then it might not be so bad, but considering the token takes 10-15 visits, the remaining 55-60 visits are pure boring gameplay.

As for the AH issue, I wasn’t aware it was tradable. Making it bind on account fixes that issue.

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