Some suggestions on solving robot problems

This may take a long time. I hope the administrator can finish reading.
First of all, because it is a good game, there are RMT players. Because there are RMT players, there are more robots. But this is not the reason why robots are so crazy, because the channels for obtaining gold coins are officially given.
The idea of the operators is very good. At first, most of the rewards exchanged for each activity material are tradable, which increases the channels for ordinary players to obtain gold coins and makes them stronger faster. It really takes care of our ordinary players. But it’s also a way for robots to make more money.
So about a month ago, the operators took some measures to reduce the number of items that can be traded in exchange for activity materials. If I remember correctly, it did make the robot disappear for a few days.
My online time is more than 800 hours. Although I am AFK in part, the actual game time should also be 600 hours.Except for team raid,which is a collection and cultivation game, so I think all the items that can be exchanged for activities can be non tradable, bound or account bound. Including those items available on the island.Of course, I hope the two Golden Books of the painful island can still be traded.
I believe that increasing the gold coin acquisition cycle of the robot and reducing the gold coin acquisition channels will have a certain effect on attacking the robot.
So I have the following suggestions:
1.Reduce or make all items exchanged for activities become non tradable or account binding.
2.RMT players are not the key targets, but those who use plug-ins, such as robots, automatic chaos dungeons or raids.
3.We don’t mind that the mall provides more upgrade materials. We can buy them with purple diamonds or color diamonds.
There are only three suggestions for the time being.
Ps:I hope the game environment will get better and better.BUT,The output of chaos dungeons twice a day is getting less and less :frowning:

@TrevzorFTW @Shadow_Fox

I can not believe that any professional devolment team can not put a stop to Scripted (automatic moving) Characters. Combine that with the Area chat Gold seller, and an occasional unsolicited In-game Mail by a gold seller - and the over 1 hour server login time of 12,000 queue - and Lost Ark has become overflowing with Game Pollution.

This is really amazing. My current queue is 13k

On the bright side, my Solitaire level has been increasing rapidly – heh

I also saw the screenshot sent by others yesterday. I don’t know if it is true. Because I didn’t find any related posts. The content is that robots openly show off on official forums that they have made more than $1.5 million in profits in Lost Ark


I have to remember back to my days playing Guild Wars 2. Some players would constantly buy and sell crafting materials. It drove the market up for the prices of very basic items - - Makes me wonder if that is what the Chicago Commodity Exchange is all about, and also why these die hard gamers / traders do not have a real job.